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  1. I have an excellent original Swiss Sphinx AT 2000H in original box with manual, cleaning kit, and 2 mags. These are the best CZ clones ever made and they are no longer made or imported so values are rising. This is the sub compact version which is even more difficult to find that the full size. I am asking $2000 shipped to FFL.
  2. The is a flawless Pre Ban Ingram MAC 10A1 closed bolt. Receiver is marked Stephenville TX 9MM 45ACP. It comes with fake suppressor, 1-10rd mag and 7-30 rnd mags and 1 loader. You wont find one in better condition it looks new! $1100.00 shipped.
  3. I have a flawless SWD Mac 12 380 ACP Closed Bolt Pre Ban model. 1-10 Rd and 5 - 30 rd magazines. 1 factory loader with Snake logo. 1 fake suppressor with a case. 2 slings. Cleaning rod. It also comes with the very rare and highly collectible case with the Cobray marking and allows kevlar plates to be inserted - these sell for $600-700 alone. Check out the pics for the condition of this thing - there are few in this incredibly good shape. $1375 shipped !
  4. This is a flawless RPB Industries Mac 10 Open Bolt in 45acp. Check out the pics it is basically perfect and looks new! It comes with 2-40rd mags, 3-10 round mags, Loader with logo, and a fake suppressor. $2750 shipped.
  5. I have an incredible condition Springfield SAR-48 Match Israeli. It comes with 1 mag. Check out the lics it is in incredible condition! This is a pre-ban model and not easy to find especially in this condition. $2600.00 Shipping is $100 via UPS ground. I will happily ise a prepaid shipping label if you would like. Springfield SAR-48 Springfield SAR-48 Springfield SAR-48 Springfield SAR-48 Springfield SAR-48 Springfield SAR-48 Springfield SAR-48
  6. This is a brand new Colt GAU-5/A/A in box. These are rare as there were only 500 made and it is a beautiful rifle. The Colt GAU-5AA is a reproduction of a military classic. The GAU-5AA is infamous for its use during the Son Tay raid in 1970, otherwise known as Operation Ivory Coast. The Colt GAU-5AA utilizes a 'slick side' A1 upper receiver and period correct pencil profile barrel with 1:12" rifling. Additional features include a correct A1 profile lower receiver, DoD Acceptance Stamp, shaved bayonet lug, aluminum CAR stock, skinny 2-piece handguards and a non-NFA XM moderator with grenade ring pinned to meet a barrel length of 16". $2700 + shipping Colt GAU Colt GAU Colt GAU Colt GAU Colt GAU
  7. Rare Sig 551a1 with case, 4 mags, manual. Excellent condition. $3100 shipped. I will post pics tomorrow in the meantime I can email or text.
  8. I have an excellent + KAC Gen 2 Complete MLOK Upper. Not certain on the number of rounds but not many based on appearance and lack of wear. $2300 shipped. KAC Upper KAC Upper KAC Upper KAC Upper KAC Upper
  9. This is an as new Molot Vepr Tactical Sniper Model in 7.62X54r. These were sold in very small numbers in this configuration by Atlantic Firearms. Its comes with the 54r specific Russian scope pictured. I believe its a 23" barrel. It is in basically new condition. I do not have the original box. Come with 2 round magazines. $2600 plus shipping Vepr Vepr Vepr Vepr Vepr
  10. I have an almost flawless Knights KAC SR-15 MLOK complete upper in original box. Check out the pics its mint. Comes in original box. $2300 plus shipping. SR-15 Upper SR-15 SR-15
  11. I have an as new in original box FN PS90 Gen 2 with factory optic (white circle), one mag. I am selling for $2200 plus shipping. FN PS90 PS90 Trigger Pack PS90 Box Label PS90 Trigger Pack
  12. Thanks for the info however I had no intention to sell to him. It was pretty clear I should stay away.
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