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  1. Serious almost flawless Franchi SPAS 12 Hook folder. It has typical SPAS stiffness but it has clearly had very very few rounds fired through it. I had one of the best gunsmiths in the country go through it and he said its is 100% working order. He could've fixed the stiffness but it would take over a month due to his backlog. Anyway, these things are getting huge numbers on gunbroker $5k+ in nowhere near the condition of this one. Im asking $4500 plus shipping of $125.00 via USPS Priority insured. I am open to offers. Im gonna leave it posted here for a couple of days and then move to gunbroker. SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12 SPAS 12
  2. Excellent + Clayco sports Underfolder. The first Chinese AK imported into the United States back in the 80's. Comes with 1 mag and sling. These are rare. $2900 plus shipping. Clayco AK Clayco AK Clayco AK Clayco AK Clayco AK
  3. I have a flawless HK USP 45 Compact Tactical with an extra factory HK non-threaded barrel, HK soft case, 2-8 rnd mags, manual etc. I can send pics if interested. These are very hard to find and going up in value. $1650 shipped. AG Date Code.
  4. I have a beautiful Sig P210 Legend Super Target. These are the last of the 100% German made Sigs as Sig has shut down the facility. I am told (by the original owner) that it is unfired and it appears unfired. Its is flawless. Absolutely beautiful. I also have the test target and color manual (forgot to photograph). I spoke to Sig about this gun and they said it was manufactured in 2012 and that there were very few all german guns with the slide marked Sig Sauer Inc Exeter. In essence, they were the importer for a short time. They said there were a very small number in this configuration and "you have a very valuable gun there". Here is an excerpt from an article from The National Interest - Firearm Fact: Sig Sauer is Actually Split Between Two Companies Sig Sauer, Inc. and Sig Sauer, GmbH also collaborated to import P210 Legend pistols to the U.S. market in 2012, though this was only a limited run. So, this is a rare model. $5300 shipped. Sig P210 Sig P210 Sig P210 Sig P210 Sig P210 Sig P210 Sig P210 Sig P210 Sig P210 Sig P210
  5. I have an absolutely beautiful HK 91 with HK Date Code. It comes with bipod, 10-12 mags, aftermarket scope mount, extra jungle hand guard, extra complete bolt group. So I had this sold through a shop and it fell through. It is at a dealer about 2 hours away so the pics that I have are limited. If you want more it's going to take me a bit to get down there and pick it up. There are no claw marks on this rifle it is basically flawless. $4200 plus shipping. HK 91 HK 91 HK 91
  6. I have an as new, appears unfired, Benelli M4 LE Model 11715. It comes with the Benelli Door Breacher and side saddle shell holder, and box. This is a rare model that sells quickly on GB for $3500+ without the extras. I want $3500 plus shipping. Sight not included. Benelli M4 LE Benelli M4 LE Benelli M4 LE Benelli M4 LE Benelli M4 LE Benelli M4 LE
  7. WTS HK SP5K New

    I have a brand new HK SP5K. Not much more to say! $4250 shipped HK SP5K HK SP5K
  8. I have a brand new, very rare limited edition MSAR ST-556 #86 of what I believe they made 100 of in digital camo. It comes in the custom Pelican case with all accessories - 3 mags, sling, optic and extra pic rail, matching Microtech Crosshair fixed blade, and manual/paperwork. $4500 plus shipping. Last one I can find sold for over $5K. MSAR LE MSAR LE MSAR LE
  9. HK P7 Hard Chrome

    Done. Thanks
  10. HK P7 Hard Chrome

    I have an almost flawless HK P7 in what I believe is hard chrome (from what I am told). It comes in the original box/case with matching serial number, 2 mags, manual and test target. The test target says 1982 but no date code on slide. $3000 plus shipping. Im not an expert on HK's but I priced this right in the middle of where these are selling on gunbroker. HK P7 HK P7 HK P7 HK P7 Test Target
  11. I have a beautiful Stoner SR-25 Match Rifle Vero Beach. ts in excellent condition (see pics). Bipod not included. Comes with 2 real KAC mags (the second is exactly like the one in pics) and front sight. $5500 plus shipping. Stomer SR25 Stoner SR25 Stoner SR25 Stoner SR25 Stoner SR25 Stoner SR25 Stoner SR25
  12. I have a brand new Fightlite MCR Dual Feed (Belt Fed and Magazine) Full Auto BCG, MCR-556-DFR Upper with everything from manufacturer including manual Not pictured). Has sight kit and quick change barrel handle. $7500.00 plus shipping. Fightlite MCR Fightlite Fightlite MCR Fightlite MCR Fightlite MCR Fightlite Fightlite MCR
  13. Sent message to Keystone Arms
  14. I am somewhat open on trades as long as value is there. I like tactical precision rifles, high caliber stuff, MP5 type clones, SCARS, that type of stuff. I never know what will catch my eye.