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  1. WTS: 60mm M2 Mortar C&R

    Price reduced to $7,000
  2. WTS: 60mm M2 Mortar C&R

    I have for sale an original, transferable, Destructive Device 60mm C&R M2 mortar with the M5 mount. This mortar was manufactured in 1945 by KVS Engineering during WWII. The mortar is in excellent condition, and I have fired it several times with practice shells. It also comes with the original carrying wood box. Included are an original cleaning rod, bore brush with rod, leather/canvas muzzle cup/carrying strap, original sight and leather case, sight illumination light, original shoulder carrying pads, original WWII baseplate bag, original WWII shell carrying vest, and one practice shell. (I know where you can get more practice shells). This mortar has been in my collection since 2001, when it transferred to my C&R license from out-of-state. The previous owner purchased it from Robert Landies (Collectors Corner) in 1994. This is a C&R Destructive Device, and as such will transfer directly from my C&R license to another holder of a C&R license. Or it can be shipped to an FFL dealer in your State. Alex
  3. I have for sale a rare, original, uncut, and unmolested WWII M9A1 Bazooka for sale. This Destructive Device was amnesty registered in November 1968 with an IRS number engraved. The Bazooka is in excellent condition without any dents or evident repairs to the tube or firing mechanism. Manufacturer is General Electric (G.E.). This is the two piece model that is commonly called the Paratrooper Model. I am also including two inert practice rockets. One is the early round-nosed rocket, and the other is the later pointed nose model. This a C&R Destructive Device, and as such will transfer directly to a holder of a C&R License. Price for all is $7,500, plus shipping. Alex at 904-699-7778
  4. WTS: PAWS M-16 Carbine, SOLD

    Price reduced. Knob Creek sale fell through. Now $19,000
  5. WTS: PAWS M-16 Carbine, SOLD

    I will be at Knob Creek next week with this weapon at my table if anybody is interested in an inspection. Thanks. Alex
  6. WTS: PAWS M-16 Carbine, SOLD

    Yes. It is still available.
  7. WTS: PAWS M-16 Carbine, SOLD

    Price reduced $19,500.
  8. WTS: PAWS M-16 Carbine, SOLD

    This M-16 Carbine (Model ZX 16 A1) was manufactured by Police Automatic Weapons Service (PAWS) of Salem Oregon on an Olympic Arms receiver. Barrel is 14” long. Original Colt parts and furniture including the coated aluminum collapsible stock. I am the second owner and I have never fired it. First owner purchased it new on August 1987, fired one magazine and put it away in his safe. There are no lower to upper fit issues. Current upper is Colt. I have also tested the lower on two original Colt M-4 uppers without any fit issues. This is essentially a brand-new M-16. Thanks. Sale from Knob Creek fell through. His wife was not happy. Now reduced price. Alex Florida
  9. WTB: Vickers belt

    I have two Australian brass tabbed .303 belts. They look like in new condition. I will sell them for $125 each, and I will pay for shipping. Alex 904-699-7778