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  1. Next Machine gun, buyers advice please!

    Well, it depends what type of guns you like. Do you like the more modern guns or do you like the more classic guns? I have owned a couple of Macs and I can tell you they are too much fun especially a Mac10/45 with a silencer. You would love it I think. How about a nice Smith and Wesson 76? They are also nice guns. Have you ever thought about the classic subguns? What about a nice MP40? They are a lot of fun, have a low rate of fire, have very little recoil. The downside is that parts are expensive but it is my Dream Subgun. What about a nice Beretta 38/42? Believe me, I loves me my German guns but those Italians really know how to make firearms. The workmanship of a Beretta is unsurpassed. Well, I hope I gave you something to think about. Take care, Schmeisser Guy
  2. I have for trade or for sale a very nice MP40 mag loader coded kur 43 (late war Steyr). This has about 80 to 85% original finish left. I found an earlier loader so this one is for trade or sale and works perfect. I would be interested in a trade for either a nice MP40 mag (ribbed variety) or a 1941 or 1942 dated mag loader. I would rather trade but I would consider selling for $140 post paid or best offer. I can send pics to interested parties. Email or text (307) 670-3039. Thanks for taking a look at my ad.
  3. I have to agree with MIke too. I think in any collector market be it guns, coins, collector cars, art, jewelry, etc. top quality almost always brings top dollar. Why? Because quality NEVER goes out of style. If it is top quality today it is top quality ten or 20 years from now. Junk is always junk. Collectors always gravitate to the best just like Mike has done in his collection. My dad told me to always buy the best I could afford and to stay away from junk. I also think even at the top levels of the collector market there are deals to be had. A case in point was the very rare MP40/1 at the Morphy auction last week. It went for a very "modest" $104,000. Now some people may say, "but that is crazy for an MP40." However, when you look at it rarity wise, I think it is far, far rarer than an FG42. How many MP40/1's are in the registry? Perhaps three or MAYBE four? How many FG42's are there in the registry? I have no idea but I would guess maybe 50 perhaps? Making the MP40/1 a screaming deal. The only thing with an auction is you don't know how much the top bidder was willing to go so if someone may have jumped in at the last minute it may have have gone much much higher. We will never know.
  4. WTT Hank Williams Jr. MP40

    Hello, I have for trade the one and only MP40 that Country Music Legend Hank Williams Jr. registered in the November 1968 Amnesty. Comes with a copy of the original paperwork. This gun is coded ayf43 and is a mismatched, reblued, shooter grade gun with a cool story. Gun came back a short while ago from Bubba Naess at Black River Militaria in Vermont. He worked on the gun for the last year and it shoots like new. It is a mainly matching gun with the following parts matching: endcap, trigger guard, stock, receiver tube, rear site, firing pin. Mismatched are bolt (original), slab side magwell (original), barrel (postwar), barrel nut (postwar???), cocking handle sleeve (postwar). The gun is on a Form 4 in the Forever West State of Wyoming. If you might be interested in this gun, then I suggest you come to see it in person. I am a short flight from Denver, CO about a 45 minute flight. The gun is not for sale as it is my shooter gun but would be willing to trade to help complete my code collection. What I want in trade: I am looking for a shooter grade C&R MP40. Finish is not important to me as long as the gun runs good. However, I am looking for specific codes. The codes I am mainly interested in are in this order: fxo41, fxo42, bnz41, bnz42, or bnz43 only. I would not be interested in other codes like 27, 122 or 660. May consider a rewat or a possible dewat. Your gun must have the ribbed magwell, push button cocking handle, and the six sided barrel nut. Email is or call or text (307) 670-3039. I am stone cold retarded when it comes to posting pics but I can send them to your email or phone. Just let me know and I will send them to you. Thank you for taking the time to read my ad. Schmeisser Guy
  5. Hello, I have for sale one MP38 magazine, one MP41 magazine and four MP40 magazines. These magazines have all been fit and function tested and work perfect. I have tried them in a Haenel and Erma manufactured guns. I don't know how to post pics but can send them to your email or phone. Just let me know what you want to see and I will get them to you. 1) MP40 98E41 (Steyr) slab side WaA 815 few micro dings marked 1 and B near bottom nice finish 95%+ $95 shipped or best offer 2) MP41 WaA 37 small ding near front finish 90%++ $88 shipped or best offer 3) MP40 ayf 4 WaA 280 couple micro dings finish 40% $75 shipped or best offer 4) MP40 kur 43 WaA 815 pretty minty $110 shipped or best offer 5) MP38 98E40 WaA815 minty finish 95%++ slab side $195 shipped or best offer 6) MP40 ayf 41 WaA 280 slab side couple micro dings some pitting near top front finish 95%++ $89 shipped or best offer Take them all for $640 shipped. My email is or call or text (307)670-3039 Robert
  6. Is there really only 179,000 or so transferable’s

    I would say that if I had to take a guess I would say there are between 30,000 to 50,000 registered owners.
  7. Hello, I have for trade one very rare MP38 magazine. It is very minty and marked 98E 40 plus a double Waffenampt 812 underneath the 98E mark. It is an old style slab side variety. I am looking for either a rare code nice condition MP40 mag or a nice condition MP40 mag loader coded either 40, 41, or 42 no 43 please. I can send pics to interested parties. Email or call or text (307) 670-3039.
  8. MK 760

    I am happy that you got a good one and not a lemon like me and a bunch of others got. My serial number was S456. Is yours an S, C or P prefix? Just curious....
  9. I bought too many MP41 mags so I am thinning out part of my herd. These two look to be NOS with VERY little use both marked MP41 and one is marked with Waffenampt 37. Asking $175 shipping included or best offer. Personal check or money order only. Email or text (307)670-3039. I can send pics to interested buyers. Take care, Schmeisser Guy
  10. Is there really only 179,000 or so transferable’s

    I think what you mean are Pre-Samples. Those are guns that ONLY Class 3 dealers can possess. Pretty sure they can keep them once their license expires. They are not for mere mortals like you or I. What you want to look for is something that is fully transferable. Those unfortunately are the most expensive. And remember buy what you like because you like it because if you are buying it as an investment you will be sorely disappointed.
  11. What If?

    Well, it seems like you are worried about the price of the gun and how much you paid for it. I bought whatever machine guns I have because I like them and I consider them holy relics so they are priceless to me no matter what happens. I bought mine not as an investment but for the fun and historical factor. Buy what you like because you like it and don't worry about what if. Remember, at the end of the day, all we really have is today. Yesterday is gone never to be repeated and tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Enjoy it and forget about the what ifs. I fully expect mine to be "worthless" one day because the registry will be frozen just like in Canada. I will enjoy mine while I can.
  12. 9mm Ammo Question

    I have about 1000 rounds of the South African New Generation ammo. It is packed in the red boxes and is sealed. It is the REGULAR ammo and NOT the +P ammo, Is this just shooting ammo or is it collectible? I bought 2000 rounds of this stuff about 20 years ago. I shot 1000 rounds and kept the other 1000 because it is really primo ammo. I was trying to find more but none is to be found anywhere that I can see.
  13. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    My suggestion would be a nice MP40 tube gun by either Wilson or Erb. I have owned an Erb tube gun and it was the cat's ass and I have shot a Wilson tube gun also great. The prices on C&R MP40s seems to be dropping so maybe you could pick up a nice one in the 18k range or so. They are too much fun. I assure you that you would love it. You would also need to buy a parts kit as parts can be a bit of a challenge.
  14. What do I need to know about mk760

    Uhhhh, listen up, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the MK760. Are you listening? DON't EVER THINK OF BUYING ONE!!! They are nothing but trouble. Ask me how I know. I owned one and could never get it to run right. I tried different clips, different ammo, finally, I sold it to a guy but told him hey, you will need to tinker with this because it doesn't run right. He told me he was very handy and could get it to run. He never did get it to run right. If you want a good, fun, and RELIABLE gun get yourself a nice Powder Springs Mac 10 in 9mm or 45. You will love it. You will NEVER love the MK760. Hope this helps and please listen. Take care, Haenelistklasse
  15. MG's as an investment

    I would have to say that MGs are not an investment for me not money wise anyway. They are instead an investment in fun. I think many guys buy them because they think they are a great investment but all you need is one politician to start the call to outlaw these "dangerous weapons" because "nobody needs a MG" and "it's for the chirrun". I really enjoy the ones that I own and a lot of times just like looking at them like a person admires a fine piece of art or a pretty woman. I am fairly certain after collecting for over 20 years that they will probably be outlawed one day but I enjoy them for the here and now because when you think about it that is all any of us have anyway. And to answer your question would I buy a MG knowing that in five years it would be worth half or less? Hell, yes!!! In fact, the ones that I currently own will probably be worth half or maybe even worthless. Would I do it all again? Yes, I would. To be honest, if I had a wife, I would probably tell her they are a great investment too. Just remember to do something nice for her too because you did kind of hoodwink her.