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  1. WTS Beretta Model 70 .32 Cal.

  2. WTS/WTT Luger Double Date DWM

    Pictures sent!
  3. I have for sale a very nice 80% Double Date Police Rework by DWM dated 1920/1917. All matching except mag. Worn wood grips runs great. $1095 OBO plus $25 shipping. Must go to FFL dealer. Pictures upon request. Willing to trade for MP40 parts like clips, barrels, bolts, etc. Email: or text (307)670-3039 MST Robert. Thanks for looking.
  4. I have for sale today from my personal collection a MINTY Beretta Model 70. I will say it is 98%+. Roman numeral 23 on slide which dates it to 1967. Comes with 1 mag nothing extra. Never shot by me. Must go to FFL. Asking $399 OBO plus $25 shipping. Can send pictures to interested parties. Email: or text (307)670-3039 MST Robert. Thanks for looking.
  5. WTT C&R MP40 Hank Williams Jr. Amnesty Gun

    Check your sturm mailbox pm sent.
  6. Calling all Hank Williams Jr. Fans! I'm looking to trade my C&R MP40 Amnesty gun registered by Hank Jr. Himself. It is coded ayf 43. It is a mismatched, reblued gun. Matching parts are lower, receiver, rear site, and firing pin. Mismatched parts are bolt and barrel. Runs great. Serial #162xx. Can send pics to interested parties. I'm looking for a C&R MP40 coded fxo 41, fxo 42, bnz 42 or maybe bnz 43. Shooter grade gun, finish not important but function is mismatch ok. No rewats or dewats please. Might also consider early German subguns. Maybe even a C&R Sten in partial trade on this. My contact info: email or text (307)670-3039. Thanks for looking.
  7. WTT C&R MP38/40

    I am looking to trade my MP38/40 code 122 40 (Haenel) Serial #24xxa. Also has IRS serial #. This is a very early transitional gun 100% matching 80% original finish. Has claw style cocking handle and unmodified receiver. Form 4 in WY. Can send pics to interested parties. What I'm looking for: C&R MP40 codes I'm looking for fxo 41, fxo 42, bnz 42 maybe bnz 43. Original finish, matching or mainly matching. No dewats or rewats please. MAY also consider other early German subguns in trade. Possibly maybe even a C&R Sten in partial trade for mine. My contact info: email or text (307)670-3039 MST Robert. Thanks for looking.
  8. WTB, MP-38, Charles Erb or Wilson tube, SMG

    Maybe it is an Amnesty Gun in which case it would be legal federally but not legal according to the state???
  9. WTT/WTS Three MP40 Magazines

    These mags are SOLD pending funds!!!
  10. Hello, I have for trade or sale three very nice shooter grade MP40 mags. They have been fit and function tested in three MP40s, an Erb tube gun plus a pair of C&R MP40s and they work great. I am only getting rid of these because I put a new magwell on my shooter gun and now these will not fit. Would like to trade for shooter mags coded kur 42, 43,44 or ayf coded mags date coded 43 or 44. Would sell my mags at $139 each or best offer postpaid. I have available an fxo 41 95%+++ finish an fxo 42 90% finish with a few small dings and an MP41 mag 95% finish couple small dings. Can send pics to interested parties. Email or text (307)670-3039 Robert. Thanks for looking.
  11. What to know about mp40s

    Oh, forgot to add.some guys like to collect by maker. The makers were either Steyer (code 660 or bnz), Haenel (code 122 or fxo) or Erma (code 27 or ayf). I prefer the Haenel guns because I think the finish and quality are a bit better than on the other two. The most common seem to be the bnz coded guns. I would try to take a look at as many different makers as you can and see what finish you like if you are looking for an original finish gun. They are great guns and you will have little or no problems with them.
  12. What to know about mp40s

    Well, it all kind of depends on what you want the gun for. Do you want a shooter gun or do you want a collector gun? If you want a shooter gun then you might consider a tube gun made by either Erb or Wilson. I owned an Erb tube gun for almost 20 years. It ran like a raped ape. I traded it off plus some cash for a C&R gun. Honestly, you could NEVER compare the quality of a tube gun to a C&R gun they just don't compare. A C&R gun is superior in quality. If you want to spend the extra money then you might consider a C&R MP40. I would suggest you do this because if you buy a tube gun trust me you WILL want a C&R gun. Very little compares to German quality (well, maybe the Berettas but that is about it in my opinion). If you want a strict collector gun then you will want to look for an all "matching" gun. This simply means that all the parts of the gun are numbered and match like the endcap, trigger guard, stock arms, receiver tube, rear site, bolt, firing pin, recoil spring assembly, sling ring, barrel, front site, resting bar, and mag well. Some even had the Bakelite numbered!!! Also watch out for "forced" matches where someone tried to make a non-matching gun matching. Remember original finish matters. The nicer the finish the more you will pay. Whatever you do just remember to buy it because you like it and not as an investment because if you buy it as an investment you may be sorely disappointed one day very soon. Most guys end up with at least two MP40s. One to look at, fondle and enjoy and the other to look at, fondle, enjoy and shoot. Ask me how I know haha If you need help or have other questions, you are free to PM me. I have studied them about 25 years certainly not an expert but I know enough to be dangerous haha
  13. WTK: Value of WW1 Luger

    Hello, I am thinking about placing an ad to either sell or trade a WW1 Luger that I have. I bought the gun about 15 years ago but don't know too much about it. The guy I bought it from said that it was a Double Date Police Rework. It appears to be all matching except for the mag which is a WW2 fxo coded mag. It is stamped DWM on top and I would say the finish is about 85% or so. The wood grips appear 100% original but they are worn and one panel has a small chip near the bottom. The back of the grip has what looks like the number "11" stamped on it. The bore looks to be in very good condition with strong rifling. I don't know how to post pics but can send them via email or text. Thanks for any information. Take care, Schmeisser Guy
  14. What do you have in German World War Two shells or trench art? Just curious... May be interested.