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  1. WTK: Value of Steyr Model 1908

    Hello, I was thinking of posting a duplicate Steyr I have but want to know what would be a fair sale or trade price on it. It has some pitting and the mag is replaced but has a really cool serial #111104. I have never fired it and the finish is maybe 70% or so I guess. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I have for sale or trade a nice shooter grade HK94 rifle. I have owned this gun for the last nine years and have shot it about 800-900 rounds. It shoots perfect and is a 90% finish gun. It has wear and patina on the high points. It is coded IH and has a fixed stock. This gun was not a safe queen . I believe this gun to be a California Department of Corrections gun because it has a stenciled serial number on the side of the receiver. Comes with three (3) aftermarket mags. Sorry, I do not know how to post pics but can send pics to your email or phone. It may take me a day or two to get them to you. I may also be willing to do a partial trade for the following items. 1) A nice shooter grade World War Two Luger with about 50%-60% finish. 2) MP40 mags, 3) A shooter grade Colt .25 caliber pocket gun with about 50%-60% original finish. 4) May also consider a World War Two Mauser with Nazi proofmarks again a shooter grade gun is fine. I value my gun at about $2200 but will work with you if we do a trade. Would prefer half trade half cash but am open to offers. My email is or call or text (307) 670-3039 MDT. If no answer, please leave your name, phone number and a brief message and I will get back to you.
  3. WTT: Very Rare Advanced Collector C&R MP38/40

    Have talked to a fellow collector and he talked to a German MP40 expert at the Show of Shows and the MP40 expert said that the giant E on the receiver is a Gate Vilnius mark used by Lithuanian forces during World War Two. This is the same mark used on some Browning Hi Power handguns.
  4. Hello, I am looking to trade a very rare early production MP40 coded 122 40 which is early Haenel production. Serial number 2460a and also has an IRS #xxxx. I would rate the finish as a conservative 80%+, 100% matching which includes the endcap, trigger guard, stock. receiver tube, rear site, bolt, firing pin, sling ring, barrel, front site, barrel resting bar (aluminum), magwell. This gun has all the very rare early features to include the square hook front site, slab side magwell, hook style cocking handle with rare unmodified receiver. I have talked to Alex Cruiming ( and he said the gun is rare and only six out of 600 MP40's in his worldwide database have this code. This gun also has some unusual markings like a big letter E stamped on the top of the receiver. No one knows what this is for. Also this gun has 8,82 stamped on the barrel which stands for 8,82mm as the Germans were experimenting with different size bullets. Also has triple proofmarks on barrel (waffenampt 37). Gun is not for sale for trade only on a Form 4 in Wyoming. I have fired this gun about 200 rounds and it ran great. What I am looking for in trade. a) A nice shooter grade C&R MP40, original finish (at least 40%-50% finish). Your gun MUST have the ribbed magwell plus the push button cocking handle. Mismatch gun ok. I would want your gun plus cash on your end for my gun. or b) May consider an even trade for a really nice C&R MP40 (90%+ original finish or so), 100% matching. Again, your gun MUST have the ribbed magwell plus the push button cocking handle. May also do an even up trade for a shooter grade gun that has an interesting or bizarre history. I do not know how to post pictures but I have taken about 2 dozen pics and can send them to your email or phone. Email or text/phone (307) 670-3039. If no answer, please leave name, number and a short message. Also if you are serious about this gun, I HIGHLY recommend you come and see this gun in person.
  5. WTS: Trasferable Saco/Metrotech M60 $44000

    Hello, I was wondering if you might be interested in a trade for the C&R Sten. If interested, please contact me off the board at my private email at Take care, Schmeisser Guy
  6. Transferables, Beretta 38, Thompson, Norell AK22

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some pictures of your Berettas? My email is My phone number is (307) 670-3039.
  7. Hi, I am very sorry to hear about your bad situation. What I would do is contact the Attorney General of the State of Texas and tell them that you have a person who has a machine gun that is not registered to them and that he defrauded you out of a lot of money. I would also contact ATF both in Washington DC as well as getting hold of the local agent in Texas. Good luck and I hope all works out well. Take care, Schmeisser Guy
  8. Pulled Ad

    Hello, I am selling the C&R MP40 Amnesty registered by Country Music Legend Hank Williams Jr. (A Country Boy Can Survive, Me and My Rowdy Friends). Son of Nashville Royalty Hank Williams, Sr. (Hey Good Lookin, Your Cheatin Heart, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, etc.) Comes with a copy of original Amnesty form dated 1969. Gun is coded ayf 43 and is mismatched and reblued. Most parts match (end cap, trigger guard, folding stock, receiver tube, rear site, and firing pin). Mismatched parts are bolt (original), mag well (original), but I believe this was a period replacement, barrel (postwar), barrel nut (postwar?) I also believe the cocking handle is postwar.. The sear is in the white so my guess is postwar. As said before gun is reblued over light pitting. I took the gun out on Friday and shot 250 rounds through it (Winchester white box and PMC) the result was no jams and ran like a sewing machine. I have no idea how to post pics but I am very good at sending them from my phone. Priced at $24,750. On a Form 4 in WY. 100% Funds upfront to start paperwork. I strongly suggest coming to see the gun in person. I am a short 45 minute jet ride from Denver. You can fly in on United or fly in on your private jet. I am also open to a partial trade for one of the following: 1) Beretta 38/42 or 38/44 2) Smith and Wesson 76 3) Sten tube gun or possibly C&R gun 4) WW2 Luger shooter grade (valued from $1000-$1500 or so) 5) Erma EMP, MP34o Phone (307) 670-3039 Mountain Time Call or Text, email Robert
  9. 5320.20 Approval Times

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has submitted any 5320.20 forms and how long are they taking. Take care, Schmeisser Guy