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  1. WTB: SWD Mac M11/9

    I would check out Vito at Only the Best Firearms. Since this is your first gun and you are VERY nervous, buy from a well known dealer like Vito or Ruben. You get what you pay for.
  2. HK P7M8 Value

    I was just wondering what the real world value of this gun is in 98%+ condition. No box one mag. Thinking of maybe selling or trading into a WW2 Luger. Would maybe post here. Just curious...
  3. Suggestions for next MG.

    Uhhhhh, didn't you read my post???
  4. Suggestions for next MG.

    I think if you want a "modern" gun then I would go with a Mac. If you want something Old School then I would go with a Sten. You might also consider a Reising which is in your price range.
  5. WTB Transferable M14 or BM59 or FAL

    Uhhhhh, pretty sure you will not get a deal in this market period. With that said Ruben has a nice BM59 priced really cheap. If I had the money, I would buy it. You're welcome!!!
  6. One last MG thoughts?

    I feel you have enough modern guns. How about you go with an MP40 and maybe a nice Sten MKII??? This gives you a small WW2 section.
  7. WTS 56S-1 Norinco AK Downfolder

    Was it a good offer or not so much??? Just curious....
  8. Interdynamic MP9 NIB

    Oh, ok. That makes more sense then.
  9. Interdynamic MP9 NIB

    Isn't that a bit pricey? Vito has a pair for like 12k each!!!
  10. ISO: MK760 Gunsmith

    Go to You're welcome!!!
  11. Sear Gun Transfer - Take Host Home

    I think this is very true.
  12. WTB Original WW2 MG34 Ammo Can

    Bump to the top
  13. HK MP5 Questions from Potential Buyer 2022

    I don't think they would be afraid at all. I mean they write laws and pass bills that are thousands of pages long. It wouldn't phase them one bit.
  14. HK MP5 Questions from Potential Buyer 2022

    Well, I wouldn't consider any of these guns investments. Buy them because you like them and that's it. Remember, they can make these illegal with the stroke of a pen. There goes your "investment".
  15. WTB Sten

    Everything is selling lightning fast right now. I'd say if you find a decent one grab it right away because if you think about it, it will be gone!