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  1. NFA Rules on LE Trades

    Those HK416 parts kits are pretty valuable and if the PD demills them, have them do it the right way or kiss your resale value goodbye. Those HK416 uppers fetch a nice price and there's plenty of guys looking for LPK on due to these BRN-4 lowers.
  2. HK21A1K Beltfed $40,000

    .... so is this a registered receiver?
  3. WTS: 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $150.00

    I'll take one lot of M27 links. PM inbound.
  4. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    Well Heck.... I sure don't want to cause myself any eye damage, that's for sure! Thanks for the tip! Any HK 21E fans in this forum? Keep the comments coming guys! Good or Bad.
  5. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    1917A1.... good solid advice. Thanks guys! Anyone else?
  6. I have scratch that I need to itch, so what’s everyone favorite belted and why? Would a M249S (Yes, I know it’s semi-only) be an okay start? Or, Should I wait and save up for a transferable one? If yes, which one?
  7. Anyone here dealt with grabagun,com?

    They are good to go.