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WTS: AM-180 Transferable .22LR Machinegun

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I’m brokering the sale of a Registered Fully Transferable AM-180 .22LR machinegun for one of my long-time local customers.  This machinegun features a unique design from the ground up as a .22 LR caliber machinegun – and not something that was “converted” into a machinegun that would shoot .22 LR ammo.  It was not designed to be a semi-auto and then cleverly converted to make it into a machinegun.  It is an open-bolt machinegun that was specifically (and very well) designed to shoot .22LR ammunition at over 1000 Rounds Per Minute with a standard 177 Rd. drum magazine.  The drum magazine is designed to fit horizontally on the gun (a–la Lewis Gun style) to minimize the bulk normally associated with drum mags.  The gun balances and shoots well.  And because of the purpose-built design, is very reliable and capable of full-mag dumps on a routine basis.  This is the gun you can literally “write your name with” on sheet metal.  This gun is in excellent shape and was previously “tuned up” by Val at E&L manufacturing (https://elmfg.com/) who was renowned as an expert on these particular guns.  It comes with two (2) drums, one (1) loader, one (1) winder, and a soft side carry case.   Magazines are still being made for these guns and some spare parts are still available from E&L manufacturing. 

The gun is in Alabama and is privately owned by one of my local customers and registered on a Form 4.  The asking price is $15K and does not include transfer taxes or shipping.  I will be handling all the paperwork to either a buyer in Alabama or to the servicing CL3 dealer in any other state.  Transfers from the servicing dealer are the responsibility of the buyer.  I will pass any provided contact information to the owner for any offers tendered. 

Gary Reisenwitz






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