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  1. These are new made marking rounds for 60mm mortars. Rounds emit a pressurized spray of brightly colored marking chalk upon impact. Each round also comes with a reusable lift charge. Just add Bullseye smokeless powder and a #209 shotgun primer, then thread into the fin section. Total cost to fire a single round very cheap. Reload kits are sold in packs of 3. Price $249.00 ea. Load kits extra 8.95 good for 3 loads
  2. WTS: 20mm Projectiles - Like New I have 140 like new 20mm practice projectiles available for sale. These are in excellent condition and have the driving bands intact making them ideal for reloading. They will feature storage wear from being bulk packed but are otherwise excellent. These are getting tough to find in nice shape, don’t miss the chance to stock up!! - Price: SPF - Shipping: Actual Price - Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Payment: Standard PayPal plus the fee or USPS money order