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  1. WTB M2HB 50 and MP5SD

    Looking for a no demo letter or transferrable M2HB 50 cal and a pre-may MP5SD in excellent condition
  2. WTS: CZ75 Cutaway - New in Box

    Email sent
  3. WTT/S: Post-sample MP40 & MP5

    Email sent!
  4. Looking to purchase a cutaway SP1 or M16 style rifle. Please send an EMAIL to
  5. Looking to purchase new in box Colt SP1 rifles or carbines and NIB Colt Green Labels. Please send me an email at with details on what you have. Also interested in anything rare Colt or Armalite, especially if it is pre 1970.
  6. price lowered to $100 shipped
  7. I have four HK 93 magazines and bayonet. No use for these. Looking online these mags are pretty hard to find and are around $90 a pop. Found a few of the bayonets on Gunbroker for about $60. $320 shipped for everything. Discreet paypal gift preferred.
  8. I need a few of the early Colt 601 style buffer tubes with no wrench flats. Hoping I can scrounge a couple up. Cash paid!! I also buy other rare Colt parts (pre 1970). Please send me an email at
  9. WTB Colt 601-Style Buffer Tubes

    I am in need of two original 601-style buffer tubes. Please send me an email at I also buy early Colt/Armalite parts, rifles and machine guns. Thank you
  10. Looking to scrounge up a Colt Fiberlite N1 marked CAR stock. Please send email to
  11. Looking to purchase Coltguard electroless nickel finished Colt SP1 rifles and carbines. Please send email with pictures and asking price.
  12. I recently came into a large pile of new old stock USGI Pre-Ban Adventure Line and Simmonds/Universal 20 round AR15/M16 magazines. These are the nicest magazines I have ever seen in any significant quantity. New old stock, manufactured from 1967 to 1971 this has truly been an incredible find. Magazines are brand new with no dents in the followers, however they may exhibit some rub marks from being packed together. See pictures. Adventure Line NOS magazines: $16 each Simmonds/Universal NOS magazines: $17 each Additionally I have a limited quantity of used magazines available for $15 each. These will either be Simmonds/Universal or Adventure Line. No hand picks. Condition ranges from 15% to 99% - LUCK OF THE DRAW. Boxes of used mags can be seen in the last photo. Terms and Details: 1. All magazines will be shipped within 3 business days of receiving payment via flat rate Priority Mail from Soldotna, Alaska. There will be two shipping options: Minimum order of 4 magazines = $8.00 shipping and 5 to 33 magazines = $15.00 shipping 2. I accept USPS Money Orders or can process a credit card over the phone through my work. I do NOT accept Paypal. My time is valuable and I know yours is too. I will accept personal checks on minimum orders (four magazines) so you don't have to wait in line at the post office for a money order, however I reserve the right to withhold shipping for 7 business days if you choose to pay with a personal check. 3. For simplicity sake, you must order either all new or all used magazines. I will not accept orders for 2 new and 2 used, etc. 4. To order send me an EMAIL at In this email please include the following information: A. Your name B. Your mailing address C. Your email address D. What and how magazines you want to order E. How you will be paying 5. You will be emailed a tracking number when your order has shipped. Please do not send unnecessary emails asking if I have received your payment or what your tracking number is. If you want to know that I've received your payment, send it with a tracking number and check that. Again, I will ship all orders within 3 business days from when payment has been received. You will be emailed a tracking number when this happens. I am located in Soldotna, Alaska. First Class mail can sometimes take 3 to 5 days to be delivered. If you send your payment via first class mail there is a good chance I won't get it for 4 to 5 days. Don't panic. 6. Who is this guy? GraniteClimber on 60+ positive feedback, cbrons on Gunbroker 130+ positive feedback. 7. As you can see in the photos some magazines are in individual zip lock bags. Luck of the draw on who gets these, only 15-20% of the mags are in these. Your magazines will be mailed with appropriate packaging but I am not going to individually wrap them.
  13. Colt 601 Ensemble

    Pm sent