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WTS: Upgrades for Sig Sauer MPX & CZ Skorpion-$58.99

Location: Mesa, AZ

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7 Inch Stone Krusher Fake Suppressor for Sig Sauer MPX 9mm 13.5x1 LH-$59.99

7 Inch Stone Krusher Vented Extension for Sig Sauer MPX-$59.99

AR Mil SPEC / Comm / Flat Mount Adapter for Sig MPX 9mm-$89.99

AR MIL SPEC/Comm Adapter with ATF Approved Blade Pistol Stabilizer for Sig MPX 9mm-$168.99

Sig Sauer MPX 9mm Rear Stock AR Adapter (ACE Flat Mount)-$76.99

AR-15 Muzzle Brake for Sig Sauer 9mm Threaded 13.5x1LH-$54.99

Rook Tactical Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake for Sig Sauer 13.5x1 LH-$69.99

Sig Sauer MPX & PISTOLS 13.5x1 LH to 1/2x28 RH Thread Adapter-$69.99 **SALE PRICE**

*18X1 to 1/2x28 Thread adapter for 9mm CZ SCORPION-$59.99

18X1 to 1/2x28 Thread adapter & Over SIzed Thread Protector for 9mm CZ SCORPION-$79.99

18X1 to 5/8x24 Thread adapter for 9mm CZ SCORPION & Tikka Sporter-$58.99

More Sig Sauer parts and upgrades-

List of our thread adapters-


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