John M

WTS Pre-May keeper BAR $14K

Location: Idaho

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bar-1.jpgbar - 6.jpgThis is the most reliable rifle I've ever owned.  I got it from Kent Lomont many years ago and would take it out once every couple of years.  It never fails to cycle and go bang.  Nice New England Arms BAR with almost no wear on the operating parts, just marks on the take downs from me cleaning it, and rack wear from being banged around in the armory.  One notable exception is the bullet hole through the foot of the bi-pod. Bet that hurt!  This one is a keeper for when you give up your licenses.Call two zero eight three75-1800 or email.

bar - 4.jpg

bar - 10.jpg

bar - 13.jpg

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I met Kent Lamont at Knob Creek many years ago. Interesting guy.

Currently I own no Class 3 weapons. I always said if I did,  I would want a BAR...and a couple other items.

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