WTS MAC 10/45 upper

Location: Baraboo, WI

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I cannot recall who made this upper.  It is a side charging upper for a MAC 10/45 that I had for my Powder Springs gun a few years ago.  The barrel is threaded for a matching suppressor for the original MAC 10.  The sights are HK sights (like on an MP5) and it has a rail for mounting optics.  All the parts are included to mount the CAR stock to the gun.  There are a few parts thrown in.  It does not slow the rate of the gun.  I liked the fast rate.  Lean into it and fire 3-4 shot bursts.  Before the gun lifts up you have 3-4 shots on target.  The gun was unique for it's fast rate with 45ACP!  LAGE makes a similar upper and along with other accessories but you will be paying over $1200. I notice it is out of stock now.  I will sell this for $600 shipped and insured.  My email is:  308mgmd@spamgmail.com (remove spam) and I will need an official check.



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