Colt AR-15, Gov't Marked XM16E1, Re-Weld, $18K

Location: Little Rock, AR

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Interesting lower receiver, Colt AR-15 marked US Gov't Property, XM16E1. Supposed to be a re-weld by John Norrell, but danged if I can see where it was welded. Lettering a bit worse for wear, but if it were better the price would be much higher. Good solid shooter, you will be the only one on the block with this one.

Listed for $18,000 plus shipping.

M16_2-5 (2).jpg

M16_2-6 (2).jpg

M16_2-7 (2).jpg

M16_2-1 (2).jpg

M16_2-2 (2).jpg

M16_2-3 (2).jpg

M16_2-4 (2).jpg

M16_2-0 (2).jpg

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