WTS: Ciener/Colt HBAR Belt-Fed AR15 - RARE

Location: Melbourne, FL USA

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Here’s an opportunity to own a very RARE piece of history! Item is a Jonathan Arthur Ciener (JAC) Belt-Feed conversion of a pre-ban COLT AR15 A2 Sporter Match HBAR. 

This belt-feed design originated with the conversion of a .308 Win AR10 at ArmaLite - Costa Mesa, California by the design team of John Peck and Eugene Stoner. It was later scaled down to .223 Rem by ArmaLite designers Jim Sullivan and Bobby Fremont before the rights were transferred to Colt’s.

Colt’s engineers led by Rob Roy pursued the program for a bit in the 1960’s, but as US involvement in Vietnam ended the funding dried up and the program was dropped. Almost 2 decades later, Jonathan Arthur Ciener resurrected the design and offered belt-fed converted Colt AR15’s and M16’s from both his original Titusville, FL operation as well as his current Cape Canaveral, FL location. Only JAC knows exactly how many of them were produced by his team, but you don’t run across them very often. This sear-ready specimen was produced in Titusville, FL USA. 

Price is $7,999 plus S&H and must ship to an FFL. In Stock and Ready to Ship! Includes SAW box adapter and 4 black SAW drums in a “Fat 50” can. If interested, please email sales@aresdefense.com. 

Thank you. 
Geoffrey Herring





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