WTB Post Samples, Signed Demo/Law Letter in Hand

Location: WI

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I have a signed law letter in hand for the following, PM me if you have any for sale.

Brugger & Thomet, APC, 9mm Luger
Brugger & Thomet, MP9, 9mm Luger
FNH, F2000, 5.56x45mm
FNH, P90, 5.7x28mm
FNH, SCARH, 7.62x51mm
Glock, 18, 9mm Luger
Heckler & Koch, MP5, 9mm Luger
Heckler & Koch, MP5K, 9mm Luger
Heckler & Koch, MP5SD, 9mm Luger
Heckler & Koch, UMP, 9mm Luger
Heckler & Koch, UMP, 45 Auto
Kriss Arms, Vector, 9mm Luger
Kriss Arms, Vector, 45 Auto
Sig Sauer, MCX, 5.56x45mm
Sig Sauer, MCX, 7.62x35mm
Sig Sauer, MPX, 9mm Luger

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I have a post sample Sig MPX in 9mm for sale. $3.5K includes S&H!  Insurance extra.


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