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Pre86 Dealer Samples for sale

Location: Maine

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Here is my current inventory of pre86 dealer samples:

                Thompson               10,000        I may have a leather pouch for mags. comes with 2 mags


                Mini UZI                   10,000         comes with new DeSantis leather shoulder rig with double mag pouch and 2 mags


                MG34                        10,000       extra belts and starter tabs. I have parts kit available to buyer 


                Sterling                     8.000        comes with 2 mags


                HK 33                        10,000        comes with mag pouch; 2 mags


These guns are here and owned by me.
If interested please email me,  I have pictures.


Or call me (207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern

I have been a RECOMENDED DEALER on Tom Bowers since 2001
I do eforms







Investment Firearms-Class III (Title II) Specialty




Ivan    Class III Dealer



Investment Firearms-Class III (Title II) Specialty
NRA-Certified Instructor
Machineguns - Silencers - Tasers
Body Armor (Level IV) - Beta-C-Mags
EO-TECH Holographic Weapons Sights
DeSantis Holsters Distributo


                                Phone (207) 476-0000






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PM SENT on Mini Uzi

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