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Warning! Crook alert! JOE GERLACH


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This is a warning to anyone thinking of buying from JOE GERLACH his phone number is 707-655-8237. He says he is in utah, or california? 

He ripped me off for around 2000.00. 

He was or still is advertising alot of machineguns on this board. I bought a semi auto beltfed 50 from him. First red flags is that he was extremely hard to reach by phone or email. Finally got cpntact and sent him thousands of dollars. He acknowledged getting the money and said the gun with 2 barrels will ship out in 3 days. Of course it didnt. Kept bugging him. Finally 10 days after he got the money, he sends me tracking number for ups. 

Ups shows up with a small wood crate that was ripped open. NO BARRELS!  I call joe immediately, he says he taped them to the top of the crate? Why anyone would ship them like that? He said he will take care of it. Ups shows up and wants me to ship the gun back? I said no way in hell! So ups takes the crate. Complete silence from joe . i sent him texts saying its not my problem or fault the barrels are missing, he needs to get me 2 barrels. He told me numerous times that he was a standup guy? Yeah right! 

He texted me saying he used the money i paid him for other things and he doesn't have the money to buy me a barrel even though he owes me 2 barrels. Funny thing is , he has thousands in machineguns for sale and sent me puctures of his 40,000.00 humvee. So im sure he has the money.

His last text was over a week ago saying ups approved his claim and as soon as he gets the money he will send me some to buy a barrel even though he owes me for 2 barrels. 

So i just tried to text him, he has me blocked and his phone isnt accepting calls . Another piece of shit seller. Slow shipper and then cheats me out of 2000.00 worth of barrels. 

I am pretty sure the barrels never even were shipped. He has a full auto m2hb so im sure he kept them for his gun. .

So now i have to go buy my own barrel for 800.00 as thats the cheapest i can find a m2hb barrel spellingfor sale. 


Just a heads up for another dirtbag pile of shit not to do business with. 

Kirk in wisc. 



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So was there a gun in the crate?

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Yes the gun was in the crate. The gun wasnt secured at all. Just rolling around. The cocking handle was just rolling around inside also.  Instead of a wooden top cover he just put a piece of cardboard on the top and roughly taped it on. The cardboard was almost completely torn off. 

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