FS - Transferable EA RR w/ 4 uppers - 5.56, 22lr, 9mm, belt fed 22lr - SPF

Location: Texas

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Edit - October 24, 2019 - Sold pending funds







Sale price - $23,000


If you're in the Austin, Texas area, I've got a place to shoot available and demonstrations can be arranged.


Registered Receiver Essential Arms J-15 lower - fully transferable, currently on F4 in Texas. I am willing to sell out of state and will pay the first stamp for out of state sales.


The gun has recently returned from Victor Mederos/US Anodizing in Virginia, where the original conversion was revised. The auto sear holes had material added for reinforcement and redrilled. The machining inside the receiver was cleaned up and brought to spec. The gun ran well before the work was done and it runs flawlessly now. After the machine work was completed, the lower was refinished with Type III (hardcoat) anodize film in black. Pics were taken prior to revision/refinish work.


16 years ago, I put yellow furniture and a DeWalt sticker on the gun, fabricobbled a 20 round magazine into a plastic DeWalt battery case and posted a couple pics of it on the internet. Years later, those pics have spread far and wide. If you’ve ever seen the “DeWalt Nail Gun Rifle” - this is that gun.





Magwell - 


No logo/branding


CAL.223-5.56 (factory marked)

MOD: J-15 (factory marked)

EA. 2*** (factory marked)

GARY W. LEWIS (engraved w/ engraving pencil)

F. N. M. (engraved w/ engraving pencil)



Above trigger -


E.A. Co.

Kr. Spr. LA


Selector switch area - 

SAFE (factory marked)

SEMI (re-marked with stamp after revision work)

ROCK N ROLL (stamped)





Included uppers:


11.5” 5.56 - Bushmaster (circa 2003) A2 upper. Upper receiver marked w/ Alcoa logo, Barrel marked BMP 556 NATO 1/9 H BAR. Yellow furniture. This is the classic “DeWalt-16” upper. Includes Qty 1 “DeWalt Battery” 20 round 5.56 mag. It’s a 20 round Colt mag epoxied into a DeWalt 18V NiCd battery shell



7.5” 5.56 - Random gun show upper of unknown manufacture. Flat top receiver and gas block. This was never terribly reliable in 5.56 so for the last 15 years it’s been host to a Ciener 22LR conversion kit and it’s been dead reliable in that capacity, both semi and full auto. The aluminum free float hand guard was rattle can painted safety yellow that’s not a terrible match to the other yellow furniture. 



Qty 1 - Ciener 22lr conversion kit

Qty 4 - pre-1994 Ciener 22LR mags

Qty 4 - post-2004 Black Dog Machine 22LR mags



10.5” 9mm - Rock River Arms, flat top upper and gas block. This upper has less than 100 rounds through it. May require some hand fitting/fiddling. 



9mm buffer/spring and 9mm hammer

Hahn Precision 9mm mag well adaptor - top load

Qty 3 - post-2004 20 round 9mm mags

Qty 6 - post-2004 32 round 9mm mags



8” 22LR Belt Fed - Lakeside Machine Razorback. Less than 100 rounds through it, may require some hand fitting/fiddling. This upper was purchased as full-auto compatible. Includes a “4 o’clock” hammer spring, buffer assembly/spacers, and original instructions. The barrel doesn’t extend past the end of the handguard, as it’s intended to be used with a suppressor. I have a Bowers CAC-22 (heavy duty all stainless construction) that is available for a few extra bucks (and of course, the extra stamp).




Qty 100 - Lakeside Machine 22LR links

Qty 1 - Lakeside Machine 50 round cloth belt

Qty 2 - Lakeside Machine 100 round cloth belt

Qty 2 - Lakeside Machine belt box

Qty 1 - Lakeside Machine belt box mag well adaptor/link catcher







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