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David Albert

Updating Your Sturm Profile Icon and Background Photo


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If you are a member level that is above "Seaman," you have the ability to update your profile with a circular photo icon that will appear whenever you post.  You can also feature a wide, thin, landscape background photo that will be visible to anyone who clicks on your name, which will take them to your board profile.  Here is my profile as an example:

To do so, go to where you see your board name in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  

  • To the right of your name is a small, downward facing arrow
  • Click on it, and you will see several selections 
  • Choose "Profile"

This will take you to your profile page.  Here, you can upload 2 different photos.  One will be your small icon photo, and the other will be your background landscape for profile views.

To update your profile icon:

  • At the lower left of the circle with the default shadow icon, you will see a square selection that says "Profile Photo" when you hover your mouse over it
  • Hover your mouse over it, and click on it
  • A new window will pop up, and you can choose to either upload a photo directly from your computer, or upload a photo from a link (URL), or to remove your photo - If you remove your photo, the default shadow icon will appear
  • Upload a photo for your icon
  • The software will allow you to position your photo to display the part of the picture that you want

Keep in mind that the photo will be cropped into a circle, so anything in the squared edges of a photo will not show up.

To update your background photo:

  • From the same screen where you updated your icon, you will see a "Cover Photo" button in the upper right hand corner of your profile
  • Click on it
  • Choose "Upload Photo"
  • From here, you can upload a photo, and position it just like you did for your icon photo
  • From the "Cover Photo" button, you may also choose to either reposition, or delete your background photo

If you have any questions about what is described here, feel free to post your questions as responses to this thread.  Enjoy!

David Albert

National Rifle Association
Past President, The American Thompson Association
American Society of Arms Collectors
Ohio Gun Collectors Association
Thompson Collectors Association
Carbine Club
Garand Collectors Association
International Ammunition Association
Contributing Writer, Small Arms Review Magazine
Co-Author, "Thompson Manuals, Catalogs, & Other Paper Items" Collector Guide
One of the "Other Authors" of "The Ultimate Thompson Book," by Tracie L. Hill
Eagle Scout, and Member of NESA

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