WTS-Incomplete MAG58/M240 Side Plates

Location: Alabama

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For sale are unfinished MAG 58 or M240 right side plates.

Material is AISI 4340. All external machining is done, all internal pcokets are machined as well. No holes are drilled except the front pintle hole.

These will require some fitting to your parts because the parts they were based off did not seem to agree dimensionally in some ways. A specific example is the keyway for the front trunion.

The left plate had the keyway cut to one dimension, but the trunion had a wider key on it and didnt fit the plate. In that case, we used the narrower dimension from the factory plate to allow it to be fit in case your trunion is wider. In all cases, we left more material to allow it to be fit properly.


9  7 plates are available. 2 chromed, 5 unchromed.

Delivery at Knob Creek is available to prevent shipping costs. Post sample complete plates can be made, contact for details.


Non-chrome plates - $550 plus actual shipping from 35216

Chromed plates- $750 plus shipping

MAG Plates.jpg

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