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WTS: WWI German MP18i $15,000

Location: Nashville, TN

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C&R WWI 9mm German Mp18i

Made by Theodor Bergmann Abt Waffenbau Suhl

1920 Overstamped for WWI treaty

This is an original finish gun.


Comes with the following:

1 Original Snail Drum

1 Snail Drum Dust Cover

1 MP18 Snail drum adapter

1 reproduction Sling


Email or call Robert 615-418-2073

I am helping a friend to sell part of his NFA collection.




“In early 1918, in time for the great German Spring offensive of that year, the only widely used sub-machine gun deployed during the First World War - and the model for subsequent developments - was launched, the Bergmann Maschinenpistole 18/1 (MP18).  The MP18 used common but powerful 9mm ammunition rounds and was loaded via a 32-round magazine.


This formidable weapon - in effect a machine pistol - was a genuinely effective forward infantry assault gun.  Its rate of fire was similar to heavy machine guns.


In the event - with Germany losing the war in the second half of 1918 - by the time the MP18 saw widespread service it was chiefly used as a defensive weapon.


The terms of the Treaty of Versailles specifically banned German possession of the MP18.  In post-war years the MP18 was used in the police service.”




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Terms are 50% down / 50% when gun transfers at $16,500.  100% up front is $15000. Buyer pays transfer tax and shipping.


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