WTS-MP5 SBR,Hk53A3 Pre'86 Sample "Keeper",FNC Paratrooper, Stevens Tip Up .410, AK-47

Location: St. Louis, MO

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                                                                            I AM  SET UP ON E-FORM FOR DEALER TO DEALER - TRANSFERS APPROVED IN DAYS

HkMP5-A3 a 99% Short Barreled Rifle with an Hk collapsible stock. It was built by Terry Dyer. It has the combat paddle mag release, marked HK MP5, full auto welded bolt carrier and an original Hk three lug 9mm barrel. It is a sear ready weapon. The price is $7,995.00 on a Form 3 in stock. Digital pictures are posted below.

Hk53-A3 Pre ’86 Dealer Sample, "Keeper" date coded “1985”. It is a 99% weapon all original with the factory four position pictogram 3rd burst lower and the internals (bolt assembly and trigger group are Nickel Boron coated) it gives you a slick action and is easier to clean. Comes with the factory leather sling and 25rd magazine. It is on a Form 3 in stock for $10,595.00. Digital pictures are posted below.

FN FNC Paratrooper with S&H Arms Auto Sear and 3rd burst installed by Curtis at S&H Arms. Four position Safe-Semi-3rd Burst- Full Auto Machine Gun. It has the 16” barrel (Howco Import), factory magazine, in pistol grip clean kit, sling and manual. The price is $16,500.00. It is on a Form 3 in stock ready to transfer. Digital pictures are posted below.

Stevens Tip-Up Model .410 gauge, single shot Any Other Weapon. It is on Form 4 in Illinois. The price is $600.00 plus actual shipping, handling insurance and the first $5.00 tax stamp. Digital pictures are posted below.

Chinese AK47 folding stock, spike bayonet in 7.62X39. Built by Qualified Mfg. Broken Arrow, OK. This is a beautiful example of an early Polytech import professional converted. The bolt rail is cut correctly, rivets are excellent, blue metal finish and wood are flawless. On a Form 3 in stock for $33,750.00. Digital pictures are posted below.

The price plus actual shipping, handling and insurance to your FFL/SOT makes it your weapon. Missouri buyer subject to pay local sales tax. E-mail at c3jm7@swbell.net or call Chris at (314) 878-1943.

 I have been posting MG’s on this board for over seventeen years, every buyer has been satisfied and received exactly what they paid for. References are available.

                                                                                                                       FORM 3  E-FORM TRANSFERS APPROVED QUICKLY!!

The HkMP5K-N PDW pictured is posted on the Semi-Auto board for $7,995.00.





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I am interested in the MP 5 can you give me a call at 605-351-6400

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