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  1. HK USC SBR For Sale- $2050

    Really Nice H&K USC Shortbarrelled Rifle. 45ACp.....Has Top Notch Conversion to UMP . Has Grease Gun Magazine Conversion(Not all are), 8 inch 3 Lug Barrel, 3 accessory Rails, Hand Stop and Sig Romeo Red Dot Optic. I can hit quarter size pasters at 25 yards. 2 GG Mags included.Owned about 4 years. Functions Flawlessly $2995 shipped and insured from FFL to FFL..Now $2695,,,,$2550 without optic nOW $2195....WITHOUT OPTIC $2050
  2. WTS: HK UMP/USC 45acp SBR conversion by HDPS

    *Price Reduced to Sale 8/16/2018* I am Selling 1 HK UMP/USC 45acp SBR's HDPS conversions. Each rifle comes with 5-25rd mags and the original HK 16 inch barrel. These guns run like flawlessly and the conversion done by HDPS is the best out there. All original HK parts used for the conversion. The original 16inch barrel is new and unfired. I also have additional magazines for sale if wanted. I am asking $3000.00 + $35.00 shipping each. I accept discreet payment via payal + 3% fee or postal money orders only. All NFA rules apply, I am an FFL/SOT, please contact me with any questions ( Thank You
  3. Each trigger counts as one US made compliant part needed for builds & conversions for US compliance of 922R. Compared to a factory HK trigger this trigger will make the pull and feel much better than a stock factory trigger. A huge improvement over a stock HK trigger. Qualities & features of each enhanced trigger: Made from 6061 aluminum Enhanced dimensions for the very best pull possible Adds 1 X 922R USA made compliant part You can get those here: or by calling 801-987-3494
  4. HK UMP 45 - Semi Auto Bolt Carrier Complete with Ejector Includes Extractor Includes Firing pin Retaining Pin Includes Ejector Marked .45 Auto just like the OEM carrier The semi auto bolt group is required for HK USC to HK UMP caliber conversions. You can get it here: Or by calling us at 801-987-3494
  5. Listed for sale is your choice of a BRAND NEW Type 1 (Long Foot) or Type 2 (Short Foot) HK416C Stock and Handguard Kit. These are all factory German HK416C parts and are extremely rare hard to find. This stock and handguard kit will fit any HK MR556 or HK416 rifle. Once they dry up, that’s it! This is the most complete kit being offered as it includes the incredibly rare short German HK416C Handguard with handstop and mounting bolt. Kit includes these NEW German HK416C Parts: (Type 1) or (Type 2) HK416C Stock HK416C Specific Bolt Carrier HK416C Specific Flat Wire Recoil Spring HK416C Handguard with Hand Stop and Bolt Be careful who you purchase German parts from, especially HK416C parts!! I am a registered importer and these are not “Grey Area” illegal imports. I only have a couple so once they’re gone, that’s it. Sale includes USPS Priority Shipping, Buyer pays for Insurance if requested. Payment by USPS Money Orders, Discreet PayPal Friends/Family, and Venmo. $2,450 Shipped - First Come First Serve! Email me at Thanks for looking!
  6. Have a few HK G36 IDZ stocks for sale. These are brand new factory German HK stocks. I have a couple concave and a couple convex stocks that I don't need anymore. First 2 buyers will receive a new German HK G36 stock roll pin included with the stock. Brand new and ready to mount to your SL8/G36 conversion or factory G36. $400 each shipped/insured, PayPal and USPS Money Orders are accepted. E-mail me at if interested.
  7. All parts are factory german and are used in good to very good condition unless otherwise noted. Prices do not include shipping via USPS priority mail. Cashiers check, mo, or CC+3.5%. ALL NFA RULES APPLY UMP .40 Barrel - $315 UMP .45 Barrel - $425 UMP .40 BCG - $295 UMP .45 BCG - $425 UMP .40 BCG milled for USC - $340 UMP Ejector - $20 UMP Barrel Pin $10 UMP Rear Sight - $20 Ump cocking tube - $8 Ump Cocking handle and pin - $15 UMP .40 Conversion Kit (barrel/bcg/recoil rod,1x 30 round mag) - $650 - USC Version(BCG milled) -$700 UMP Navy Lower EX- $285, UMP Navy - VG Ump 0,1,2 Burst lower $290 UMP Rear Stub - $250 FBI UMP lower (0,1) semi - Ex/like new $295 Ump sling $33 Front stub $8 complete cocking assembly $22.50