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  1. Just dropped the price again to $700 plus freight. I gotta move this thing! Happy New Year
  2. How about $750.00? That's almost half price for a new gun.
  3. Anyone? This is an unheard of price
  4. WTS:Lake City M118 $20 a box**Price Drop $18ea**

    Dropped the price.
  5. WTS:Lake City M118 $20 a box**Price Drop $18ea**

    I have one complete can (23 boxes) of M118 173 grain ammo for sale. I would prefer to sell these in their individual lots because of the matching lot numbers for each group. If the individual group is purchased, the can will obviously go with the ammo. Buyer will be responsible for any shipping. Must be of age to buy. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Jason 503-949-7373 M118 $18 each
  6. WTS : MISC. 50 BMG AMMO $3-$60 EACH

    I no longer have a .50 cal so I have decided to sell the remaining ammunition I have. I have a misc. variety of types as you can tell by the pictures and list. I am selling this for anywhere from $3.00 a round up to $60.00 a round. They have been kept in a temperature controlled enviroment. If you have any questions, please let me know. I also have 60 rounds that are linked if interested I just don't remember what they were. I think it might be AP. Must be of legal age to buy. Please know your local laws. Here's the list. If someone is interested in the entire lot, I will cut you an even better deal. I need to try to move this today or tomorrow. Thank you, Jason 503-949-737315 rounds : 700 grn. M2 Match Moly Coated "CAL 50" brass stamp $6.00 each93 rounds : 647 grn. API "LC 03" brass stamp $3.00 each50 rounds : 750 grn. AMAX Super Match Moly Coated "CAL 50" brass stamp $6.50 each20 rounds : 750 grn. AMAX "IMI 01" brass stamp $6.00 each10 rounds : 750 grn. Super Match Teflon Coated "CAL 50" brass stamp $6.50 each10 rounds : 750 grn. Hollow Point Bore Rider "CAL 50" brass stamp $6.50 each 5 rounds : MK211 Raufoss "FNB 91" brass stamp $60.00 each
  7. Final price drop to $800. This is an amazing deal!
  8. How about $225 each for these?
  9. I forgot to let you know that these will not work with the 9 volt systems. They are intended for the 3 or 6 volt setups. Thanks, Jason
  10. Just dropped the price to $250 each shipped. This is an incredible price for these!
  11. I have two new in the box Surefire red lasers that I need to sell. These are designed to screw into the end of the flashlight bodies and also can be used in some of the Surefire weapon mounted lights as well. Both are brand new in the hard plastic cases they come in with all the accessories they come with from the factory. I only can find one of the factory manuals. I would like $300 a piece for these and that will include the shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions.***PRICE DROPPED TO $225 EACH SHIPPED*** Sincerely, Jason 503-949-7373
  12. She is still waiting for her forever home!
  13. Just dropped the price to $850
  14. Anyone? These are over $1300 retail. She needs a home to go to.
  15. Just dropped her to $900 plus shipping!