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  1. WTS: .50BMG Raufoss rds

    I have for sale 10 rds of .50BMG Raufoss ammo Mk211 Mod0 Headstamp is LC06 $55 per round + shipping These are legit rounds, e-mail me for pics
  2. FS: .45ACP reloads(230grFMJ)

    1000rds per case G&S custom Largo FL
  3. FS: .45ACP reloads(230grFMJ)

    If you live in West Central Florida I have 4 cases of 45 reloads(GS custom bullets) 230gr FMJ. $280 per case I will gladly ship them but that's on you. text 727-365-063three
  4. FS: 14.5mm ammo

    For sale are 30rds of mostly Egyptian 14.5mm ammo Brass cases $65 per round text 727-365-0633
  5. Jane's books 1. Jane's Ammunition Handbook 1994-95 Great condition $80 shipped 2. Jane's Armour & Artillery 2008-2009 Great condition $80 shipped text 727-365-0633
  6. Two boxes vintage Western Super X 30.06 cartridges 1 box is full, other box has 11 rounds. $60 shipped for both boxes Text 727-365-063three
  7. 1000 rds of 7.62x51 200 on MG34 links/800 on M60 links headstamp is 03 FLB 83 $450 shipped lower 48 text 727-365-063three
  8. FS: 7.62x51 on MG34 & M60 links

    200 rd belts, no starter tabs for the MG34 links. Just dug into the box and noticed that top belt is MG34 links 800 rds are on M60 links Sorry for the confusion.
  9. 10 once fired steel 14.5mm russian cases. $30 shipped text 727-365-063three
  10. 1 opened spam can of 7.62x39 on stripper clips (550rds) These are steel core Headstamp 131 77 $250 + shipping text 727-365-063three
  11. 84pcs of once fired 50cal spotter brass $75 shipped USPS priority. text 727-365-063three
  12. FS: 50cal ball projos

    I have 200pcs 50cal ball projos(pulls) 100pcs in a USPS priority box $37.50 text 727-365-063three
  13. I have approximately 100 Pro-Mag polymer AK mags $6 per mag + shipping 4 will fit in a USPS Priority envelope for $7.90 10 will fit in a USPS Priority medium box for $14.70 text 727-365-063three
  14. 47 pieces of once fried 50 spotter brass(M48A1) $55 shipped text 727-365-063three
  15. Complete set of dies Resizer/seater plus all the forming dies and trim die. The forming dies are for converting 50BMG brass. They are CH4D. Retail on these dies is close to $1500 I am asking $700. text 727-365-063three
  16. I have available 1 CZ26 subgun kit, includes the original barrel 1 mag included with kit $175 2 bolt carrier groups 1 fore grip 1 buttstock 1 trigger group $100 text 727-365-063three
  17. AnzioIronworks single shot 50cal minus the barrel $1200 text 727-365-063three
  18. Something a little different for sale: 14.5mm rifle built by AnzioIronworks. 40" barrel by Pac-Nor 40MOA scope rail 4 lug bolt head Weight 61LBS Overall length 71" This is intended to be a package deal as it will include Ammo(35rds), Brass(110pcs), projectiles by lehigh design(160+/-), bushings to convert brass to 50BMG primers, CH4D dies(FL sizer, Neck sizer, seater ). As you will notice in the pictures it has a left hand bolt, this was done so as to facilitate reloading, because it is a rather large weapon. Please contact me at or text 727-365-063three with your questions or for additional pics. $9500
  19. I have 250 50BMG API projectiles remaining. They are pulldowns $25 per 100 shipped text 727-365-063three
  20. FS: Lapua 50bmg projectiles

    80 - 800gr moly coated $140 shipped 30 - 750gr $45shipped $175 shipped for all text 727-365-063three
  21. I have 66 En Bloc clips for sale, all are in excellent condition. $.75 each plus shipping About 50 can fit in a small USPS priority box ($7.90) text727-365-063three
  22. FS: 50BMG ammo 93rds $250

    These are not re-manufactured, they are factory ammo. 73 API SB78 headstamp 20APIT SB78 headstamp 93 total rds Total $250 shipped text 727-365-063three