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  1. FS: Lapua 50bmg projectiles

    80 - 800gr moly coated $140 shipped 30 - 750gr $45shipped $175 shipped for all text 727-365-063three
  2. I have 66 En Bloc clips for sale, all are in excellent condition. $.75 each plus shipping About 50 can fit in a small USPS priority box ($7.90) text727-365-063three
  3. FS: 50BMG ammo 93rds $250

    These are not re-manufactured, they are factory ammo. 73 API SB78 headstamp 20APIT SB78 headstamp 93 total rds Total $250 shipped text 727-365-063three
  4. FS: 20MM Ammo and components

    4 AP rounds Brass Training projo's $80 shipped text 727-365-063three
  5. FS: CCI#35 primers(50BMG)

    For sale are 5-500pc boxes of 50BMG primers. $165 per box, shipping & hazmat fees extra. I am located in West Central Florida(Tampa bay area) if you are close to me we can arrange a meet up. text 727-365-063three
  6. FS: .50BMG AP projectiles(price lowered)

    $40 per box of 100pcs
  7. 50AP projectiles I have 545 left, $40 per box. 100 shipped in a small USPS priority box $40 text 727-365-063three 545 pieces remaining
  8. As new Ruger Single-Six 22rf/magnum rf 4.6"barrel Test fired only $440 shipped text 727-365-063three
  9. FS: 5.56 x 45 77gr SMK

    400rds 5.56x45 77SMK by Southwest Ammunition $240 shipped text 727-365-063three
  10. FS: 12.7 x 108

    6 rounds + 5 once fired pieces of brass. $40 shipped
  11. For sale Colt 9MM carbine 16" barrel 1-25rd mag 1-32rd mag Ergo grip Ergo picatinny covers Carbine & mags cerakoted Receiver marked as 9MM, Restricted LE/MIL(they were marked this way during AWB) Round count approx 1500 $780 shipped Now $725 shipped text 727-365-063three
  12. 50 pieces of unfired spotter brass (LC55) $80 shipped text 727-365-063three
  13. I have for sale 300 total Lehigh .50cal 650gr bronze solids. Will sell in lots of 50 for $50 shipped. If interested make a reasonable offer. text 727-365-063three
  14. As title says 280rds of Lake City 30.06 ball in En Bloc clips w/bandoleers. All in as new condition. $185 shipped text 727-365-063three
  15. 7.62x54r 660rds

    7.62x54r 300rds yellow tip heavy ball in very good condition. 360rds ball excellent condition in 20rd boxes $210 shipped text 727-365-063three
  16. For sale: Investment Arms Florida edition Winchester 94AE in .45 Colt This one is #4 of 50 produced in the Florida edition. Beautiful rifle, exquisitely detailed. Pictures will probably not do it justice. Obviously unfired and in 99% condition. $1100 + shipping/insurance text 727-365-063three
  17. For sale is an unfired Ruger Blackhawk. Calibers: 45 Long Colt/45 ACP 2 sets grips 2 Cylinders $300 (Shipping/Insurance additional) text 727-365-063three Edited to add: Could not confirm 100% that John Linebaugh worked on this gun.
  18. WTS: Lake City M2 ball

    LC72 M2 ball rounds 1 can(240rds) 1 Bandoleer (48rds) 56rds En Bloc clips 344rds total $210 shipped
  19. WTS: M2 AP 30.06

    For sale is an opened can of M2 AP En Bloc clips/Bandoleers 176rds remaining This is 1950's production $190 shipped Text 727-365-063three
  20. Two boxes vintage Western Super X 30.06 cartridges 1 box is full, other box has 11 rounds. $100 shipped for both boxes (feel free to make reasonable offer) Text 727-365-063three
  21. All are post WW2, most are unused.
  22. 5 bags(20 per bag) $25 per bag shipped Small discount for multiple bags. 2 5rd clips $15 shipped text727-365-063three
  23. WTS: M2 AP(unopened can)

    For sale 1 unopened can of M2 AP(30.06)(192rds)(8rd en bloc clips) $215 shipped text 727-365-063three
  24. 2(500rd)cases of Blackhills 5.56 77gr OTM $450 per case shipped text 727-365-063three