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  1. WTS: Post Sample Machine Guns

  2. WTS: Post Sample Machine Guns

    We have the following Post Sample Machine Guns for Sale. Please note that L.E. Letter is required MP5A3 9mm Pakistan with SEF lower $1800.00 M3 Aircraft Gun 50 Caliber in ground gun configuration with spade grips $5,500.00 M2 Carbine 30 caliber trigger pack $650.00 For more information or any questions, please contact us at rbowman6895(NOSPAM)@gmail.com (please remove (NOSPAM))
  3. WTS: Ruger AC556 Stainless folder New

    HI both guns are on form 3 Bob
  4. WTS:1917-A1 Watercooled Machinegun

    We have a like new 1917-A1 Built by Bob Landies with all new colt parts set...............The gun is a bright blue finish..... It has never been fired it is in 30.06 cal. has the correct tripod.. water can & hose comes with linker & anit aircraft sights ... all orig. this is a very nice gun ... The price is $16,500.00 plus shipping and ins. Call Bob at R & R Enterprises (410)-437-2507
  5. WTS: Ruger AC556 Stainless folder New

    Test fired at the factory only ..This is a factory stainless folder... this is for sure a true safe queen... It has been tucked away for over 20 years ...the price is $13,000.00 plus shipping and ins.... Call Bob At R&R Enterprises $410-437-2507 I also have a like new full stock blued AC-556 For $10,500.00
  6. WTB Norrel 10/22 also Galil select fire

    I have a Norrell 10/22 auto and trigger pack , it is stalled in a R&R Enterprises polished stainless steel suppressed rifel a great looking gun that has a serviceable suppressor call us at 41o-437-2507
  7. WTS: Savage M2HB

    Original Savage M2HB C&R Machine gun in museum condition on Form 3. This Pre WW2 gun would be the centerpiece of any collection. Anti-aircraft mount and 2 tombstone cans available and can be delivered to Knob Creek in April 2017. $49,500. for gun plus shipping and insurance. Purchaser of gun has first choice to purchase mount and cans. Call Bob at 410-437-2507 (R&R Enterprises)