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  1. WTB Glock Full Auto Kits

    Hello Im wanting to purchase another Glock FA conversion kit. I currently have a select fire but wanting FA only. Anyone have 80% ones? I can form 2 and finish myself. Thanks Rick
  2. RPD Build

    Hello has anyone built a RPD from parts kit? I'm having trouble with feeding. Is there something that pushed the tip of the bullet down and into battery? It currently is hitting the top of feed ramp and wont go down into the chamber. Does anyone have a picture of their feed ramp in relation to front of trunion ? Thanks
  3. RPD Jig

    I called them and sent an email with no response. Answer machine said due to flooding from July they are temp closed thanks for the response
  4. RPD Jig

    WTB a RPD receiver jig. Anybody know of one for sale? Thanks
  5. 10/22 Auto Conversion

    Hello and thanks for the response. are you available to talk about this? I have a ton of questions Thanks Rick
  6. 10/22 Auto Conversion

    Hello everyone!! I am wanting information on conversion process of a Ruger 10/22 to full auto. I don't have to have select fire just wanting it for a demo/rental. I am a 07 sot so everything I do is legal. I was wondering if anyone here has done one and the steps you took. Any pictures before and after would be appreciated. Thanks Rick