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  1. The world has changed and it will never be the same again.

  2. Who do you use to ship firearms?

    I used FedEx, Never had any issues with shipping. Just have to find time to get it out and its gone.
  3. Hello! New member 07/02 here Hi!

    Welcome, Be careful Sturmgewhr its addictive.
  4. Yep, Lower receivers are not considered firearms, They are of not threat to anyone..
  5. WARNING!!!

    Very thoughtful of you, I have friends and family in VA.
  6. Trump acquitted

    Not news that the Impeachment is over, surprised no one is talking about it here. But is it really over, the lie and plots and investigations ? Fancy Nancy almost exploded. The Sotu was excellent and i could ask for a better speech. MAGA!
  7. 2A folks are winning!

    And more wins to come.
  8. Yes Lowers are not consider firearms but some uppers are, they have to go through FFL and all process a firearm purchase has to.
  9. This is the fight for liberty and freedom, The President is taking heat because he is trying to protect us, If we allow this happen then this country is lost, Every man and woman who ever died for this country would have died in vein.
  10. my life is OVER!

    This is why i always stay out of deals that are not my concern. Money change hands and promises aren't kept and fingers get pointed because no one wants to be blamed.
  11. Live everyday like its your last.

  12. Finally some good news in VA https://americanmilitarynews.com/2019/12/va-sheriff-says-hed-deputize-thousands-of-citizens-to-exclude-them-from-state-gun-bans/
  13. Take it easy Buddie. its all gonna be alright.
  14. VA, CA, TX, and a few other states have gone left, Such a pity.
  15. Thank you Veterans

    Thanks to all the men/Women of Valor, to all those who lost Limbs and their lives, to those who lost their brothers, fathers, uncles. Thank you.