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  1. Dead perps can't repeat their crimes. spoken like one who has killed many.
  2. Thank you Veterans

    Thanks to all the men/Women of Valor, to all those who lost Limbs and their lives, to those who lost their brothers, fathers, uncles. Thank you.
  3. Where do you all buy your ammo?

    I buy from Ammoseek.com and i never had any issues, fast delivery too.
  4. Birds of the same feather flock together, Not surprised Criminals love each other.
  5. fun to know USELESS dribble

    That's funny, if plants don't like then there's something wrong somewhere Ooops.
  6. Insurance for gun collections

    USAA has a Valuable Personal Property Policy that will cover firearms and accessories. The rates are outstanding and so is the coverage. You can also go online and make changes (additions) to your policy, including uploading pics, and it will make the adjustment and tell you any difference to your premium. I pay mine yearly but each time I make an addition, I go in and pay the difference. If you have your auto policy with them as well, it will bundle them together for one payment if you like, or you can go in and manually direct payments to whichever policy.
  7. And people wonder why there's never any whistle blowing at democrats, its because they are the Whistle blowers.
  8. Biden uses foreign agent...

    They have ties all over the world, giving away money that belong to hardworking people. Biden, Clinton and Obozo are definitely in bed together.
  9. He is off to see John McCain. have a shitty after life.
  10. Where do you all buy your ammo?

    Cabelas Ammograb
  11. R.L i share your enthusiasm, But cool it down, The sad truth is that Hillary can not be touched and she knows it. But there are other ways.
  12. The Truth has been racist since Obama, He over played the race card till it was nothing.
  13. Wow I got approved fast

    Congrats, wait time has really improved over the years. this is good new amidst all the gun control BS.
  14. The Turks have been going the islam terror way for a while now. but i think they are trying to be smart about it online other middle eastern countries. They will all get whats waiting...in due time.