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  1. Thursday BUMP... and Trades added: **** Trades **** 1. Original HK MP5 30 Round Curved Magazines 2. B&T 1/2 X 32 MP5K-N Barrel 3. HK USP .45 12 Round Magazines 4. HK P2000 (V3) DA/SA in 9mm in Very Good to Excellent condition + Cash on my end. 5. HK USP Compact 9mm (V1) DA/SA in Very Good to Excellent condition + Cash on my end. 6. CZ P-07 in 9mm FDE Frame with Night Sights in Very Good to Excellent condition + Cash
  2. HK German MP5K Full Auto Bolt Carrier - Latest Style Contour Each bolt carrier will fit all HK MP5K's, SP89's & K style clones. Tungsten filled latest HK German production. Made in Germany Fits: •MP5K, SP89 •MP5K-N, MP5K-PDW •Clones or other custom builds Asking $ 399.00 + 7.00 shipping 1st " I will Take it " followed by a PM Payment: Discreet Paypal Friends/Family or US Postal Money Order
  3. Are the Threads buggered up on the M16A1 Upper Receiver ?? In the Picture they look a little funny ??
  4. Guy's, Looking for a Nice Colt or H&R M16 A1 Upper with FA for my Retro M16 Build ( Model 603 ). I would like to find a Complete Upper with 20" Pencil Barrel that's it Great Condition but if you have a Good Upper that will help too.. *** Looking for one like this *** PM me if you can help.. Thanks!! Sharky
  5. I have had a lot of questions about Trades so here is my updated list: **** Trades **** WWII German marked Pistols British Webley MK VI in .455 Cal Japanese Type 99 Rifles Matching with MUM Japanese WWII Pistols in Exc Condition WWII M1 Garand " Winchester with very good WWII dated Barrel " H&R M1 Garand with all H&R parts International Harvester M1 Garand with all IHC Parts M14 U.S. GI TRW Complete Parts Kit M14 U.S. GI Parts: Springfield Armory Bolt, Barrel , Op-Rod , Trigger Group M14 U.S. GI Parts: TRW Bolt, Barrel , Op-Rod , Trigger Group U.S. Firearms Co. SAA in .45 Long Colt Taylor's & Co. Smokewagon in .45 Long Colt HK 93 Rifle ( NO Clones ) HK Pistols CZ Pistols SIG 229 Legion in 9mm Retro M16 A1 Uppers with tear drop forward assist or Complete Upper Assy
  6. 1ST off I hate to sell her since she has been with me a long time BUT I’m trying to finish a few M14 Projects . This is a 5 Line Springfield Armory Standard M1A Born in August 1987 with ALL U.S. GI parts. This M1A had a Factory Installed Winchester Barrel , Bolt & Op-Rod so with the help of Mike at Windy City Sourcing I had him send me a Correct ALL Winchester Trigger Group even with a Winchester Trigger and I know they are not marked but Mike knows his parts and it’s a Winchester Trigger. Since I was going for an ALL Correct Winchester M1A I also had Mike sell me an All Correct Winchester marked rear sight assy. It has a “OMB” marked sight base with a WCE “ M “ marked Elevation Pinion and WCE Windage knob. She has a U.S. GI Winchester Stock with the HAWK “ FAKE “ Selector Switch. Flash Hider is a National Match U.S. GI with Lug, the M1A is in about 95% + condition with a few handling marks on the top of the barrel ( see Pic’s ) and a few dings in the stock. So if you’re a Winchester Guy this is the M1A to have… Asking $ 2550.00 shipped to your FFL *** This is Cross Posted *** 1st “ I will Take it “ followed by a PM Payment Options: US Postal Money Order or Discreet Paypal Friends/Family Option so NO Fee’s ***** Trades ***** U.S. GI M14 Complete TRW Parts Kit U.S. GI M14 TRW Parts Retro M16 A1 Parts Kits Questions ? Feel Free to Ask … Was asked to get TE Numbers: This Winchester Barrel Gauges at like " O "
  7. I have a 3 Pack of HK MP5 Straight 30 Round Magazines with Pouch for sale, 2 dated 10/1973 and one dated 08/1973!! Hey maybe you were born in Aug. or Oct. of 1973. Asking $ 130.00 + $ 5.00 for Shipping I have two ( 2 ) POF marked Curved 30 Round Magazines for sale. $ 40.00 each + $ 5.00 for shipping or buy Both and I will do $ 85.00 and ship them for FREE... . *** Sorry guys but it goes with out saying.. NO shipping to Ban States Kalifornia , NY , NJ etc. etc.. 1st " I will Take It " followed by a E-Mail E-mail: j_sharp1528 NO @yahoo. SPAM com ( Remove NO and SPAM ) Payment: Discreet Paypal Friends/Family or add 4% to cover the Fee's, Postal Money Order or CASH is always King Thanks, Sharky1528
  8. Sold the Sterling and here is what's left.... I have two ( 2 ) in the wrap Sterling SMG 34-Round Magazines and a Extra Bolt + Spring for sale... Sterling Magazines $ 40.00 each + $ 5.00 for shipping or buy both for $ 85.00 and I will ship for FREE ! Sterling Bolt + Spring $ 65.00 + $ 5.00 for shipping. Payment Via: Paypal Friends/Family or USPS Money Order or CASH is always King.. Please Post a " I will take it " and follow up with a E-mail to me.. E-mail: j_sharp1528 NO @yahoo. SPAM com ( Remove NO and SPAM )
  9. Please e-mail me about the KAC MP5-N Suppressors

  10. WTB: HK 94 Barrel

    I'm good to go.. Thanks !!
  11. WTB: HK 94 Barrel

    Guys, If you can help I'm looking for a Original HK 94 Barrel. E-mail: or PM me.. thanks