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  1. for sale: Russian SKS in 7.62x39mm with Laminated stock, Blade bayonet and New sling (not pictured) in NEW condition for $599 + shipping and insurance to your FFL. Email directly to for questions or more pics. Thanks, Myron P.
  2. for sale: Solothurn S18-1000 20 mm Anti Tank Cannon in Very Good condition fully transferable/Registered Destructive Device on a Form 4 to an FFL/SOT for $17,995 + shipping and insurance with delivery possible. Price includes Transit chest and 2 - 8 rd. mags and 2 Reloads in brass casings with new manufacture live rounds with stainless steel casings available from Anzio Ironworks for $35 per rd. (they can be reloaded 2 to 3 times each and I have extra new 20 mm Vulcan projos. available with the driving bands already turned down to .815" for $2.50 each). Please e-mail me for pics. directly at for more info. Thanks, Myron
  3. for sale: Springfield Armory Transferable M1A .308 Machine Gun manufactured by Bill Fleming in early 1986 in excellent condition with 1 - 20 rd. .308 G.I. magazine for $14,995 + shipping and insurance to your FFL/SOT on a form 4 or within Oklahoma on a form 4. I am posting this for a friend in Bethany,OK so more pics. and info. available via email to with a phone # and a best time to call back and I will forward directly to him. Thanks, Myron
  4. Ref: John Uliki

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with John Uliki in the Pahrump,NV area? I'm trying to finish up an ammo deal. Please E-mail to: or call me at 928-266-7980. Thanks, Myron