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  1. Ref: John Uliki

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with John Uliki in the Pahrump,NV area? I'm trying to finish up an ammo deal. Please E-mail to: or call me @ 702-372-8433. Thanks, Myron
  2. I would like to purchase the stock. Please give me a call at 360-202-4698 or email to Thanks, Myron
  3. for sale: (2) Factory Lahti 20 mm 10 rd. magazines in original mag. carrier from Finland, circa 1939, for the 20 mm Anti-tank rifle in Excellent + condition for $349 + shipping. Factory Lewis Machine and Tool M203 9" 40mm barrel in New in Wrap condition for $399 + shipping. Factory Knight's Armament, part # 96174 / Lewis Machine and Tool, part # L2B1RB, Quick Detach Mount for the M203 40 mm Grenade Launcher in New in Wrap condition for $69 + shipping. This is 1/3 price from the LMT store price of $218 retail. Please E-mail Directly or call 360-202-4698. More pics. available. Thanks, Myron