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  1. WTS: Transferable Type 24/Chinese Maxim $14,500

    Bob, is of course completely correct. My comments where aimed at why would anyone cut down a registerd 08 sideplate instead of just making a sideplate to fit the T 24 Maxim. My comments were not in anyway intended to imply or to convey the idea that this machine gun is anything other than what it is. A registered sideplate on a parts kit
  2. WTS: Transferable Type 24/Chinese Maxim $14,500

    Yes, still available.
  3. WTS: Transferable Type 24/Chinese Maxim $14,500

    Neal, I called the number listed and left a message. Are you not interested?
  4. WTS: C&R German 08/15 Maxim All Matching $10,500

    This item is no longer for sale.
  5. WTS: Transferable British Vickers Gun $16,500

    I would prefer not to but thanks.
  6. WTS: C&R German 08 Maxim $18,000

  7. It is not designed for the 08/15. I read years ago that guys were buying and using these for there 08/15s. Not sure if they fit without modification however. That might be a good question for one of the discussion forums. I have an 08/15 for sale. You might want to take a look at the tripod set up I made for it.
  8. WTS: C&R German 08/15 Maxim, all matching numbers except barrel. Good + condition. Price $10,500. Gun comes in original 8mm caliber also comes with a 7.62X54 conversion. These conversions are extremely hard to come by now. Gun also comes with an original drum and drum hanger. The gun can be mounted on a Bren gun tripod set up that I built a number of years ago. The tripod and mount go with the gun. Buyer is responsible for all transfer taxes, packing, shipping and insurance costs. I have attached a link to a video showing this gun being fired. The video is a little long but has some good shots of this Maxim.