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  1. Firearms Related Webmaster

    I know this is slightly different request but I'm looking to hire a new web master for our site and I'm tire of talking to people who are either anti gun or have no idea what I'm talking about. If you know anyone who you would recommend I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance, Alan
  2. We have bunch of Stag STAG 15 TACTICAL 10.5” PISTOL, BLACK NITRIDE FINISH, 1-30 RD MAG. We have them on sale now for $949. Shipping is $20 UPS Ground.
  3. WTB: B&T MP9 & B&T APC9SD

    I have the X95 SMG. You can email me directly.
  4. WTB: Sig 552 Recoil Spring Guide

    Does anyone have 552 parts kit they are willing to sell me?
  5. WTS: Colt and LMT SBRs with SureFire Suppressor

  6. WTS: Various SBR and SBS firearms on Form 3s

  7. WTS: Colt and LMT SBRs with SureFire Suppressor

  8. WTS: Sig PE90

  9. WTS: Sig PE90

    The SIG PE90 is one of the rarest SIG rifles in the US. It is the Swiss semi-auto version of the SIG 550. It still retains the bayonet lug and grenade launcher ring on the barrel and the diopter rear sight. $8999 delivered to your FFL.
  10. WTS: Registered AR15 DIAS Reduced

  11. WTS: SBR Thompson 1927A1 T1BSB

    One is left
  12. WTS: Colt and LMT SBRs with SureFire Suppressor

  13. We are just moving out some inventory and want to make room for more so here are few various suppressor sitting on Form 3s ready to eFile to your FFL/SOT. MAKE MODEL Caliber Price AAC TI-RANT 9 9mm 450.00 SUREFIRE SOCOMM300 30 cal 1079.00 DEAD AIR MASK 22 HD 0.22LR 399.00 DEADAIR/BPI WOLFMAN 9mm 799.00 OSS HX-QD 556 556 799.00