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  1. WTS Russian Molot RPK Rifle $2300

    Lol. Dude you've got some issues to work out with yourself. I bow out now and have said my piece. You ARE the bigger man here. I'll be sure never to question you and your big blue letters again.
  2. WTS Russian Molot RPK Rifle $2300

    Not that he isn't potentially a scammer, but is this how you respond to all new members with 1 post? Call them a scammer and then hope they are knowledgeable enough about whats going on, that they defend themselves and start an internet argument with you? Seems a little ass-backwards to me. This is similar to the concept of throwing accused "witches" in the water to see what happens. If she drowns she's innocent, if she lives, she's a witch. I realize the old STG classifieds had a big problem with scammers, but trashing someone's ad just for not responding (among other minor "offenses") seems like a d-bag move.
  3. I have here a gem of a rifle! If you've clicked on this link, then you likely have a good grasp as to what this rifle is, its rarity, and most importantly it's value. This model is in AMAZING condition. there are some very light wear marks in-between the grooves of the folding stock, and slight wear at the top of the folding stock hinge (from folding). There are no major "brass kiss" marks that I can tell. You would just have to see this rifle in person to understand what I mean. For it's age, it is in outstanding condition. The previous owner fired 40 rounds through it, and he got it from a prior special forces member who take great care of it. This appears to have been a safe queen most of it's life. There is a sling, magazine, and bipod (that has very minor wear on them) that will be included. The hand guards are a very dark brown, almost black. importer is Steyr as you can see in the picture. Barrel is 21". Value is $3500 firm. I am only interested in what is listed below, and nothing else. Keep in mind that cash or extras on your end (or mine if the NDM86 is on the table) could be needed to balance things out. This is all a shot in the dark, so we shall see what happens. I will update the list as needed. *I will only send many pictures to serious interested parties with items I am interested in. Expect though, that I will ask for just as many pictures of your item as you do of mine. 1. FN FNC 16" or 18" para 2. Steyr AUG A1 green stock 3. Most original IMI galil rifles, just let me know what your offering. 4. Norinco NDM86 in 762x54r. Not interested in the .308 models. 5. Sig San 552-2sp commando 6. Sig San 551-2 7. Polytech legend milled, solid stock w/bayonet 8. Norinco Type 56s-1