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  1. WTS: Sendra M16

    I'm not looking for trades at this time.
  2. WTS: Sendra M16

    Bump for the Saturday crowd with a couple of new pics. More available upon request.
  3. WTS: Sendra M16

    A couple of deals fell through, then I decided to keep it, but it's finally time to move it to a new home.
  4. WTS: Sendra M16

    Local sale fell through so this nice Sendra is still available
  5. WTS: Sendra M16

    Friday night bump!
  6. WTS: Sendra M16

    Up for sale is a Sendra M16 with original Bushmaster 16" upper. I've run it with half a dozen different uppers and all of them fit perfectly. I replaced the oiginal Bushmaster FCG with a Colt FCG when I purchased the rifle and it has run flawlessly. Currently on a Form 4 in Virginia Price is $19,500 shipped and I'll cover the first transfer.
  7. WTS Pre-Sample HK53

    SPF to topgunsohio.
  8. WTS Pre-Sample HK53

    This is a pre-May dealer sample and is only available to current SOTs (No law letter required!) As an added bonus, it's a keeper.. After you give up your SOT, you can retain possession of this pre-May dealer sample. Picked this beauty up a while back, and I've just got to many projects and toys coming in. Extremely low round count when I got it, and I only put 200 rounds through it after I got it. Comes with 1 factory marked 30 round steel mag and 4 Pro-Mags that run 100%. No rust, repair work, etc., on this guy, just a classic HK53 Asking $8,700 shipped
  9. WTS Mossberg 590 14" SBS SOLD

    Email sent for two!