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  1. WTS Pre-may dealer sample Galil AR $15,000

    No longer for sale. Old AD.
  2. Someone beat you to the mags sorry. Sold Pending funds.
  3. WTS sell 10 HK mp5 30 Rd straight magazines, 5 are marked SD, hk Mp5 and 1 is marked Mp5 and 4 are marked 9x19. $500.00 shipped USPS priority mail with tracking. I only want to sell all 10 together. I will only ship to states where the where they are not legal. I will not part them out as mag kits or ship them to a different state than where you live. These are very nice mags 2 of them had never been out of the wrappers until I took pictures and I might have used a few of them a couple of times. in addition, I never keep any of these mags loaded. Payment by USPS money order or Zelle only.
  4. I know this question has been asked before and I tried to search for the answer, but didn't find it. Can and individual who owns a NFA weapon on a form 4 sell directly to another individual in their state, simply by filing a new form 4 with ATF along with the $200.00 transfer tax? Thank you
  5. You are correct 30RD is fine to ship to Ohio. My mistake.
  6. WTS( two) 30 round G3 Hk91 30 rounds magazines in excellent condition $140.00 shipped for both, via priority mail. USPS money order or Zelle is required for payment if you want it to ship quickly. I will take a personal check, but I will hold off shipping for 10 business days to be sure the check clears. I purchased these magazines new in about 1990 and I shot them 2 or 3 times in my full auto G3 and they functioned perfectly. Since then they have been stored in a climate controlled room. I purchased these new from Ralph at RDTS (Red Dog Target supply). I believe that RDTS made them from two 20 round magazines. I will not ship to any state where it is not legal. I will also not take the mags apart to make it a repair kit. I will not ship to the following states for sure California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York State, Ohio, Washington D.C., or any other part of the US where this item is not legal. By purchasing this item you are certifying it is legal to own in your city or county. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Thanks
  7. One more picture of the parts included.
  8. WTS Berretta AR70/ SC70 .223 factory folder Pre-may dealer sample in .excellent condition. $12,500 shipped to the lower 48 and first tax by me. Dealers ONLY this is a pre-may sample and it will transfer out on a form 4.100% funds up front prior to transfer. checks may be held up to 10 days to clear. I purchased the gun as excellent to like new condition about 8 years ago and I only shot it one time and it ran 100% zero failures. I put about 200 rounds through it. The gun came with a factory wire folding stock and I had a chance to trade it for the later model factory folding stock that is much nicer to shoot and it is very sturdy. I have no interest and selling the parts separately. The gun comes with the following: 1. 11 factory 30 round magazines. 2. aftermarket scope mount 3. spare barrel in excellent plus condition. 4. spare complete lower assembly excellent plus condition, with all internals. 5.complete bolt and bolt carrier assembly in excellent plus condition. 6. one full stock in very good plus condition. 7. two recoil springs and one piston , one new spring and one in excellent condition. The piston is in excellent condition as well. 8. 25 factory packaged new small parts individually packaged and brand new. many small hard to fin springs plus bolt and firing pin. 9. 1 factory sight adjustment tool new. 10. two operating tubes, one new and one in excellent condition. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  9. WTS Pre-may dealer sample Galil AR. The Model is MR352AR. I have for 8 years and I have only fired it two times and it ran 100%. I am no longer an FFL, SOT so this gun will have to transfer on a form 4 and I will pay the $200.00 tax. I will also ship it at my cost. I would rate the gun as very good condition. The AR model seems to be the rarest of all pre-may Galil's. The price is price is $15,000.00 sipped to the lower 48 states. Payment will need to be in full and clear my bank before I will start the form 4. I am not looking for re-seller offers. I am looking for a dealer that's personally wants this Galil. I will be happy to send pictures to interested buyers. I cant seem to download pictures.
  10. WTB Beretta PM12S Magazines

    Bryan, Someone I have sold to in the past saw the post and emailed me immediately and purchased the magazines. They were sold to me as factory magazines and I am confident they are, but none of the 12s magazines I have owned say Beretta on them. Sorry