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  1. Transferable Erb Mark V Sten....Exquisite properly done MKV tube. Looks totally original spec. With matching number Erb suppressor. None finer.$9000 willtransfer on form 3
  2. Original cone flash hider for the 1914 heavy Hotchkiss in good condition $700
  3. For sale. Semi 1919a4 $1900

    For sale used semi 1919A4 In 308. With early Colt style barrel shroud, and kmp side plate.$1900 plus shipping
  4. Japanese bayonets to fit the type 38 and 99 rifles and type 96 and type 99 machine guns $150 each Officers samurai sword is $850
  5. For sale. Semi 1919a4 $1900

  6. Wts Erb Sten MKV with matching suppressor

  7. For sale Sterile C&R Sten MKII

  8. For sale Sterile C&R Sten MKII

    Nice condition original Sten MKII Sterile with IRS serial numbered $11500
  9. Knob creek t shirts 2013

    1 X large green $60 1 medium tan 1brown medium 50 each I believe them to never be worn. I bought them myself
  10. For sale Breda 30 top cover dented with non original oil cap, complete with pin $40 flash hider rusty $20 ,Dewatted bolt complete and easily repaired with good bolt face and extractor was dewat welded in mag well $100, ejector cover excellent $45, recoil spring cup $15. Good barrel with flash hider $195. Blank barrel 40
  11. For sale Breda 30 C&R $9500

    For sale C&R Breda 30. Extra barrels, includes parts kit and many extra stripper clips and magazine pouch $9500
  12. Very nice condition, late manufacture Type 11 Erb registered, many matching parts. Runs well $10750
  13. Replica pair of caps for the oil container on the WW 1 German Maxim sled. Made from aluminum with one cap marked ÖL and has the brush.... $125 shipped
  14. Japanese Type 11 transferable $10750

    Will do
  15. Test

  16. For sale Breda 30 C&R $9500

    6.5mm Rewat original uncut PM for of y
  17. For sale Sterile C&R Sten MKII

    This Sten had no visible serial number from the factory, when it was registered with the BATF they were part of the Internal Revenue Service. The serial number is then IRSxxxx
  18. For sale Jap type 99 parts grouping

    Hello give me a call or text 920.660.4867. email is
  19. Very good to Excellent condition Japanese type 99 parts grouping Charging handle Charging handle cover Complete rear sight assembly with housing, drum, cam, nut,sight arm. Windage screw,rear sight aperture,detent and springs Complete buffer assembly with buffer housing, buffer, spring,cover and cover lock Rear takedown pin Breach lock cover with pin and spring Grip screw Ejector cover with pin Ejector with pin Trigger housing with trigger and sear parts Complete bipod with spring Mag well and ejection port cover with springs and pin Head spacing wedge with nut and housing Magazine release with pin and spring Complete grouping $1250 Smaller grouping $999 Display grouping with fewer parts $750
  20. Japanese type 99 parts Buffer with parts $175 Rear sight housing $75 Charging handle $125 Rear sight drum$75 Ejector cover $65 Charging handle dust cover $85 always missing Breach lock covere with pin$50 Rear takedown pin $65 Ejection port cover $75
  21. Mk760 with 5 mags $6200

    For sale good looking MK760 with 5 mags. .$6200
  22. Wts 1918 chauchat in 30-06

    For sale running C&R 1918 30. 06 CHAUCHAT with 2 magazines and WWI pouches. Well used condition new barrel. Functions wonderfully $11000
  23. Original steam cover 850 shipped
  24. Used lock for the German Maxim MG08 or MG08/15 $450 delivered