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  1. WTT for an Converted AR15

    I am looking for a reasonable priced full auto AR15. Just the lower is fine. I have a couple of 9mm subguns I could trade. Let me know what you have. I would like a mil spec conversion not a auto sear that is married to the lower. Both of my subguns are on a form 3. I would like a weapon which is on a form 3 as well. The subguns are a Sterling MK4, set up for a suppressor and a Sten MK2 with many mags and spare parts. 630-212-3953 or Thanks. Art
  2. WTB* NIB * YHM Turbo Silencer

    I have one. or 630-212-3953.
  3. Thompson 1928 barrel with cutts compensator

    I have a new smooth barrel. No comp.
  4. Sten Mk II Parts Kit

    I have a bunch of MK2 parts.630-212-3953 or
  5. We're New Around Here - Sarge's Military Surplus

    I have purchased a dozen plus Sterling kits from Old Sarge. All these kits were complete and suitable for builds. No worries buying from this company.
  6. Selling some of my collection

    Can you email me? or call 630-212-3953. I have a couple of questions.
  7. SOT Renewal now $1,000

    Thanks. Due to vague Illinois laws I had to switch from a 3 to a 2. Not used to seeing that figure on a renewal. Thank God I'm moving to Tn.
  8. SOT Renewal now $1,000

    Ok looked closer. They don't put the under 500k reduced rate in big print. Never mind.
  9. SOT Renewal now $1,000

    Just got my Class 2 renewal. $1,000. Are Class 3s the same? Glad they announced an increase. Now let's see if they get more. efficient.
  10. I would like to buy a 20 Round mag well for a Reising 50. Email me at or call 630-212-3953. I would like to buy factory 20 round mags. Thanks
  11. I need a 20 round mag well for a Reising model 50. I need several 20 round factory mags. If you could mail me at or call 630-212-3953. Thanks