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  1. Got a couple of items, still looking for a few more.
  2. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    For sure. It's good to inform people who might not know. It's a small community we have, shared knowledge is a good thing.
  3. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    It's not the point of selling a semi auto firearm that is in question. It's the point that they have shady wording making it sound like you can use your transferable HK sear or trigger box to convert their semi 249 into a legal full auto, which is simply just not the case. It creates a new post sample, which if you have an FFL/sot and register it would be legal. But not how they make it sound.
  4. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    They had a letter. When the site first went live they had one, and I remember saving it because I thought it was weird how they had worded the Q&A on the site. The problem is this was a couple of laptops ago, and I can't find it. (Im 99% sure it was MGA. It was a conversion gun that had a lot of interest. I can't think of any other HK pack gun that used the sear pack to make a semi into a conversion to full auto)
  5. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    What do you even think that means? No one disputes that the auto sear isn't still an auto sear. Just by installing it in one of the MGA weapons you've created a new post sample machine gun. Nothing has changed. That supposed phone call hasn't helped your case.
  6. Happy to pay a finders fee to anyone who puts me into contact with someone and we complete a deal.
  7. WTS: Silencer Inventory Reduction

    I'll take the FDE osprey for $680. Please send payment info.
  8. Looking for a 10/22 conversion pack, not a RR. If you have one or can point me to one I'd appreciate it. Cash or trade for other items of interest. Send me a message or remove the NOSPAM to email me. Thanks, Donald dmiiiconsulting@NOSPAMgmail.com
  9. WTB SWD M11/9

    If your buyer falls through for the 380 let me know, didn't know you where looking for a M11.
  10. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    Prince is good people. He brings his toys to the range and let's people shoot them. Not many lawyers I know that do that. It didn't quote the other guy asking what a NFA attorney was. That's who my comment was directed at.
  11. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    We used Prince Law. He has a firearms division. I'd think if any lawyer was qualified to speak on the issue he is. I mean he might be full of shit, but the guy owns a number of cool transferables, has been practicing law in the firearms realm of things for who knows how many years, and likely owns a holiday inn express.
  12. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    I just.....don't even know...........this makes my head hurt.
  13. Still looking for most of these. Also added some new items.
  14. Looking for a sear or trigger box. Host or no host. Also looking for an AK or krink and a RDIAS for an M16. Happy to make a package deal, have cash will travel. Can also offer trade items if you are looking for something. Added the krink, AK, norrell trigger pack, mac11a1. Also always in the market for gold and silver. Let me know what you have, and what you'd like. Message me or email is fine. Just remove NOSPAM for the email. Thanks, Donald dmiiiconsulting@NOSPAMgmail.com
  15. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    Just to be clear, I'm not blaming you. At all. It appears you are selling a product that the parent company hasn't been quite so clear on. I used to work at a large gun shop, and we had a couple of customers who really wanted to buy one of these guns and use as a sear host. After much time and expense(and we had our company lawyer take a look at it) we decided that we wouldn't deal with MGA for their lack of communication on this very subject. I no longer work for that company, and my views and feelings are those of my own personal belief on the subject. Take it for what it's worth. Like I've posted before, people need to be sure of what they are buying and make informed decisions.
  16. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    (Short answer)Sure can! (Long answer)Apply to be an FFL/SOT. Once approved notify the ATF you are manufacturing a new post sample MG. Install sear making a new post sample. Profit. (Full disclosure, I'm not a lawyer nor did I stay at a holiday inn express last night)
  17. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    There was a letter that said it wasn't. I'll have to go dig out my old lap top and see if I can find it. It's been years since it was posted, but I saved it because I wanted to buy one when they were first released but the letter from the ATF said it was a no go for,the reasons you stated.
  18. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    In MGA's defense they use clever wordsmenship in what they claim. They say a "registered sear" can be used. Which is true, a post sample sear can be used. A post sample sear is registered with the ATF, but common use of wording in the NFA community for a "registered sear" would lead most people to believe MGA is saying you can legally use a "transferable" registered sear in their gun. Which isn't true. By installing a transferable sear in one of the MGA guns you'd make a new post sample machine gun. But they aren't lying when they say a "registered sear" can legally be used. Just not what most people think of when they read that. Clever indeed. As always, buyer beware and know what you are getting into.
  19. Excited for this! Still looking for the other items on my list.
  20. There has been a couple posted on gunbroker for $900-1200 and they are sitting. It's tough if you own it personally, as to get a buyer out of state it'll take $400 in taxes alone. I got a police trade in off gunbroker a seller had for $600 each. Those all sold. Clearly could have gotten more for them.
  21. Still looking. Would also like a M11a1 MAC if someone had one.
  22. WTB trans AUG

    Finally figured out an email. All of their website is out of date. They don't currently have any MG's for sale. Guess maybe there is no need for a phone number in that case.
  23. WTB trans AUG

    I've tried them before, not sure what's up with their number, found two of them but neither worked. Doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy that a range wouldn't have a working phone number listed.
  24. WTS: Bushmaster 11.5" SBR's

    Bushmaster 11.5" factory short barrel rifles
  25. What's going on with Major Malfunction?

    Much thanks!