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  1. WTS: American 180 $8500

    I'll take this if you can provide clear photos and copies of the form, and meet at a shop in Houston to view it. Email me at dmiiiconsulting@NOSPAMgmail.com Thanks, Donald
  2. PA MG Shoot April 30/May 1

    I might head up. Used to go to all of princes shoots, but that was then they where an hour away. Four hours makes it more then a day trip.
  3. New Record! Form 4 1-14-16 arrived 3-19-16

    Well, I mean, this is the ATF we are talking about. This is the government agency that ruled a shoe string was a machine gun
  4. SAR pics

    Kurtis Wolf is the double barrel thing. 30mm prototype supposedly for the A10. It is transferable but he said he wouldn't shoot it. The rifleman is the other photos with out the gattling guns(other then that massive thing)
  5. Difference between M16 Options

    Well a factory colt is always at the top of the list, just because it's a factory gun with an easy track of where it came from and when it was produced. Then I'd say conversions by any number of well reviewed manufactures, P.A.W.S., weapon specialities, Frankfort etc. they did conversions on a number of different lowers. The next one down I'd say is the SP1 conversions, just because of the larger front take down pin. It can be converted to a small pin, but even then it won't be a captured pin. The last and least desirable is a lower that was registered as a full auto, but they used a drop in auto sear. I'd stay away from those at all costs. That being said any conversion that you can find usually can be brought into proper spec for $300-750. There are some very talented smiths out there, with m60joe being at the top of my list. He can work wonders on most all lowers, and if you find a gun that has issues, email him to ask what he thinks. Some lowers had issues, mainly Olympic lowers with fit issues, but he(and others) can easily bring them into spec. And even if it's $500~ that's like 3% on a $15,000 lower to bring into proper spec. Cheap from my stand point.
  6. WTS: German HK MP5K $29,900

    I'm about an hour and a half from this seller, if anyone wants to cover gas and beef jerkey I'd be happy to go take a look at this before a deal is made. Hope it's legit but as always buyer beware.
  7. Looking for a M79 walnut stock with mounting hardwear. Let me know what you have and what you'd like.
  8. SAR East Show

    I think I missed you shattered, I was standing at James Coots table talking about some of his items when you went by. He said your name and it didn't click till you had moved on that was likely you. I agree it was a pretty good show, I'm not sure where you are from but the lines have always ended up being that long for most of the local shows, both York and Harrisburg. It was a good turn out, most of the dealers I spoke with said they were pleasantly surprised with the number of customers. There were certainly some deals to be had if you knew what you where looking for.
  9. WTS-Trans.Reg. HK Sear Pack by T. Dyer

    I know. It was more of a joke at the guy offering 40% under current market value for something.
  10. Linked 308 and 5.56

    Looking for linked 5.56 in SAW links. And 308/7.62 in M60/240 links. Looking for brass cased, surplus is fine, like Radway, SA, maly, etc. have cash will travel. Let me know what you have and what you are looking for. Thanks, Donald dmiiiconsulting@NOSPAMgmail.com
  11. WTS-Trans.Reg. HK Sear Pack by T. Dyer

    I'd offer $24,000 if he is taking bids.
  12. New Record! Form 4 1-14-16 arrived 3-19-16

    It will for sure. Both for the fact of more finger print cards coming in, but I think the bigger push will come from people able to buy stuff when they needed the cleo sign off who don't now.
  13. Market value on Mini Uzi and MP5's

    And there are a couple others listed that aren't selling. They just keep relisting. So did someone want to pay that much? Maybe. Or they made a deal for less, Frank has done that before. Someone might pay that for them, but there is still quite a few uzi's listed for $11-12,000 and aren't selling.
  14. New Record! Form 4 1-14-16 arrived 3-19-16

    That's hardly a record. My M60 was approved and back to my dealer in less then a month.
  15. Market value on Mini Uzi and MP5's

    Hard to say, mini's have always been going for a little more then full sized, and full size are going for $9500-11,000. So maybe $10,000-13,000? Depending on the bidders. I mean if you want true makers value the seller should list it for a penny. That's the only way to get true market value. $13,000 might be under market value. I don't personally value a mini Uzi at $13,000, but someone might. Just need two bidders to really want it.
  16. Market value on Mini Uzi and MP5's

    And I'd be willing to bet it'll stay listed for quite some time.
  17. WTB Swd M11 nine m11/9

    Where do you live? I went to SAR show east, there was many deals to be had. I bought two MAC's and a M16 and there was quite a few more I'd have liked to have picked up. Mac's any where from $4500-7000. At least 20 sitting on tables.
  18. SAR East Show

    Agreed. Very surprised. Glad I went. Couple of great deals to be had. Wondering what I might get tomorrow before dealers are packing up and don't want to schlep home.
  19. SAR East Show

    Guess I'll stop by on Friday, see what it looks like. Not sure I'll want to wait for the lines on Saturday.
  20. Welcome to the site and I appreciate the heads up. Urban is a broker, he had Spiwaks gun listed but hasn't updated the site since Spiwak sold it.
  21. Ha! Love it. If you are going to do something do it all the way!
  22. Got a couple of items, still looking for a few more.
  23. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    For sure. It's good to inform people who might not know. It's a small community we have, shared knowledge is a good thing.
  24. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    It's not the point of selling a semi auto firearm that is in question. It's the point that they have shady wording making it sound like you can use your transferable HK sear or trigger box to convert their semi 249 into a legal full auto, which is simply just not the case. It creates a new post sample, which if you have an FFL/sot and register it would be legal. But not how they make it sound.
  25. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850

    They had a letter. When the site first went live they had one, and I remember saving it because I thought it was weird how they had worded the Q&A on the site. The problem is this was a couple of laptops ago, and I can't find it. (Im 99% sure it was MGA. It was a conversion gun that had a lot of interest. I can't think of any other HK pack gun that used the sear pack to make a semi into a conversion to full auto)