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  1. Transferable Steyr Aug Trigger Pack w/ bolt carrier group. Qualified Manufacturing, $24,995. In stock on form 3. Will E-form to your dealer. or call (817) 481-6616 Nick Tilotta
  2. A fairly rare selective fire factory original M16K was manufactured by Tim LaFrance of LaFrance Specialties, San Diego, California, circa 1980. It is one of the smallest transferable M16 variants on the NFA registry. Specifically designed to be used in confined spaces, such as helicopters, tanks, etc., it offered a tremendous amount of firepower in a very small package for Law Enforcement and Military Special Forces units. It has a patented twin tube adjustable gas system giving it a cyclic rate of just under 650 rounds per minute using a barrel length of just 8.375”. Unusual for a weapon of this caliber and size. It is very compact with an overall length of 24” closed stock and 27.5” with the stock extended. It has a vortex flash hider designed to minimize muzzle flash, a Colt factory upper receiver, cut down front hand guards and no forward assist. Overall condition is excellent plus, with a tiny bit of finish missing off the outer tips of the charging handle. I owned this weapon many years ago and just recently had the opportunity to purchase it back from the original buyer. In the M16 arena, I would consider it one of the rarer weapons available on the transferable NFA weapons list. To my knowledge, only about a dozen transferable weapons exist in full auto, only two in the SBR semi auto mode. In stock and ready to transfer to your dealer on E-Form. If you have questions or need more info: or call (817) 481-6616 Nick Tilotta