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  1. Sold American 180 S&S

    PM: Private Message. I quoted this message to show that I replied to you.
  2. Sold American 180 S&S

    Sandman replied Replied
  3. Sold American 180 S&S

    This one has been nearly flawless. Only complaint is with it being a little finiky with ammo which is known with the AM180s.
  4. Sold American 180 S&S

    Sold Hey everyone, I'm selling my S&S American 180. Currently on a paper F3 with my dealer. This is one of only 24 that S&S produced. In great condition and was previously serviced by Val. These rarely come up for sale and are absolutely amazing machines. I would recommend watching the forgotten weapons that Ian did on the American 180's. (Angry swarm of bees) Also read what Val helped publish for Machine Gun News ttps://www.elmfg.com/am180/articles/mgn12-95.html Comes with everything pictured including case. 20k via cashier's check or money order. Will do a 50/50 payment with half to start F3 and half upon approval. Buyer pays actual shipping and insurance. Located in Utah and happy to provide demo if you want to check it out in person. Interested in partial trades of guns that have the odd/rare traits. PM with questions. Here is a quick video of it running. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mxzOiA-XeBUPTnH0pzTjL8V9xjUCFLE2/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. American 180 S&S

    Good to know. I appreciate it.
  6. American 180 S&S

    Hey guys, I have an S&S American 180 that was tuned by E&L and runs like a top. I'm looking at selling and I tried looking for value from previous sales, but individuals who will remain nameless always remove listing price after being sold. MG price guide has data from last year of around $18.5, just wondering if anyone has insight of any recent data and value. Any help is appreciated. -Jonathan
  7. American 180 S&S

    Went to the range yesterday with some Fed bulk pack and stingers. After a thorough cleaning they both ran perfectly with no hiccups. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  8. American 180 S&S

    I went and test fired it today. It was a little dirty and did hang on a few rounds. When F4 is approved I'll send it over to Val to get tuned. Thanks again for everyone's help
  9. American 180 S&S

    Thank you so. I'm excited to play with the new toy. I've read the E&L site almost front to back. Any idea on the desirability of an S&S vs. American Arms? And I haven't been able to find much on value since they don't come up for sale often. Any rough value you could put on one in VG condition?
  10. American 180 S&S

    Wondering if the brilliant minds here can help. I'm snagging an American 180 from S&S out of Albuquerque NM. I've been searching and haven't been able to find much on S&S. From what I found they only made 24 of them (submachine book pg334). Can anyone enlighten me more on what I have and approx value. I can upload some pics but it won't let me.
  11. WTB: Micro MAR galil receiver

    Looking for a Micro Galil or MAR reciever. DM me please.
  12. Mac 10: original suppressor and stock availability?

    I went with one of these for a retro style look with huge volume. Of course have all F1 paperwork done before. 1" F1 can
  13. Wtb m11/9, uzi and M16/AR15 transferable

    *also doesn't need to be collector grade. Not looking for safe queens.
  14. Looking to buy m11/9, uzi and M16/AR15 transferables on F3. Let me know what you have