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  1. Smith & Wesson Model 76, 9 mm, submachine gun, in excellent original condition, priced to sell at only $11,000 + shipping. Gun comes with (4) original magazines, and (5) non-original magazines that fit the gun, but I have not shot the gun with them (I don't know what they are, but I am sure someone will tell me, shortly). Look at the photos and you will see that it has not been fired very much. Great shape, a real steal.
  2. Can you give me a call at 801-309-7841, I have a few questions about the gun and possibly purchasing it.   


    Andrew Chudy

  3. I believe that I have it sold. Thanks very much anyway.
  4. For sale is a Powder Springs, Military Armaments Corp. M10 in 45 ACP. Included with the gun are three stocks, the original wire one, an AR-15 type collapsible, and a wooden one made by Choate in the early 80's. Also included is a side cocking upper, two extra barrels, one original MAC, one aftermarket for the side cocker, a barrel extension, a front vertical or horizontal grip, the original mag loader, original mag, and two straps. The original barrel that is installed in the gun, has a slight bulge in it, but the bullets still come out the end, and it still groups under an inch at 100 yards. The extra MAC barrel can be fitted if the bulge bothers you, or you can purchase a new barrel from several sources. I will toss in four more mags for a total of five to help you get started. Sharp eyed observers will notice two drilled and tapped 6-48 holes in the right side of the lower receiver just to the rear of the ejection port. These were added in the early 80's to mount a shell catcher/deflector, but now have no use unless you want to mount a short picatinny rail to hold your flashlight. I have shot the pookey out of this gun, but it never fails, eats anything you feed it, and is the epitome of a bullet hose, but after 40 years it's time for someone else to feed this rascal. I am an individual and the gun is on a Form 4 in Arkansas, I will pay the first $200 to transfer to your dealer, the price is $6500 + shipping.
  5. For sale is a brand new, unfired, Springfield Armory M14 (M1A) in 7.62 X 51. This gun was made by Springfield Armory in Geneseo, Ill. in the 1980's using their M1A as a starting point and assembling it in the M14 configuration with GI parts. It comes with an extra birch GI E-2 configuration stock, and one magazine. Price is 14,500.00 plus shipping and is ready for e-file Form 3.
  6. For sale is a new, unfired, registered sear MP5K in 9mm. Comes with 4 mags. Gun began life as a HK 94 and was converted to current configuration by S&H Arms in 1988, and has been in the possession of the current owner since then. Currently on Form 3 e-file here in the great state of Arkansas. I have included a copy of the original Form 4 that shows how the sear is the registered component with it's own serial number. Gun is being relisted as buyer was unable to complete transaction.
  7. WTB: HK SP-89

    Have one new in the box for $5500
  8. I didn't say that was an original mag, only that it comes with (5) original mags. I've got (9) mags, some are NOT original.