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  1. For sale is a Ruger Mini-14, Stainless Steel, Factory folding stock, in 223 Rem, in unfired condition. Gun is like new, pristine condition as you can see in the photos. Comes with two factory 20 round magazines. Priced at $2250 delivered to your dealer.
  2. I have been sitting here clicking on the delete button beside the photos in the attachment section, and it is really slow. Is there a better way? Thanks, David
  3. Hi there, 

    Are you interested in trades /cash or just cash

    Do you have a price without the extra mags, just to include one 30 rounder.

    Any original boxing or packaging

    thank you for your time


    1. Dstep



    2. mark05


      thank you

  4. I am sure the gun was parkerized after machining, so it has been bead blasted, but not buffed. No mention of any problems with the gun from the owner. I could shoot it this weekend, if you would like. Thanks, David
  5. do you accept credit card ? iv always wanted an aug thank you scooter

  6. This gun is a BM-59 clone, built using the receiver of an Winchester M1 Garand, and a BM-59 folding stock. It has a 16" barrel and uses M-14 mags. Very unusual gun, in excellent condition. Priced to sell at $3000.00 plus shipping.
  7. This is an early AUG with the green furniture, a 20" barrel, in excellent condition. It comes with the 10 mags shown in the photo. Can't go wrong at $3400.00 plus shipping.
  8. Using an original Portuguese AR-10 parts kit, and a receiver of their own manufacture, Telko built semi-auto AR-10's in the 80's for the American market. They called it the XM-10 and it was a faithful reproduction of the original. This one is in excellent condition, and has the rare short handguards, with original composite material for the handguards and buttstock. Priced at $7000.00 plus shipping and insurance, you can own a piece of history.
  9. Just got a check for the gun, so will mark as sold. Thanks for your interest, David
  10. FN Herstal, Belgium is the manufacturer. I believe we have it sold, will know shortly. David
  11. Sorry it took so long, but it will be worth the wait. As the photos show, NO damage or deformation at all, not even a mark in the bolt stop area, and the bolt and hammer show the faintest of scuff marks where they ride against each other during operation. Gun has not been shot much at all.