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  1. Well I've Decided I'm Going AR-15 SBR route local SOT has an SBR lower for 90 bucks that plus the Stamp is a pretty good deal and the Wait time will allow me to order parts and put together Really something Special. and the SOT and i are even talking about MAYBE a new Can but the New Suppressor is a big Maybe Right now.
  2. yeah not so sure that could or would happen. the Country is on a knife's edge and if anything that major passes it could set people off.
  3. oh i know man the original bolt makes it a Buzzsaw the one i bought came with 3 uppers 1.380 standard bolt/upper 1 9mm standard bolt/upper 9 magazines and a Lage Max 11 upper and has a 3 lug QD barrel Magpul furniture and lots of bells and whistles i mean it was 10K but Lots of stuff with it
  4. that's on my Tax Refund shopping list Believe me
  5. yeah a "new" MG is off the table for the moment my BIG play for MG's is Getting my M-11 Enjoying the SHIT out of it save money in the menetime and when i reach a certain amount i either Sell or trade up for an m-16 or MP5 or AK Variant but that's my goal for 2 3 years down the road but the Suppressor and SBS are good options and gonna pull the Trigger on one if not both soon
  6. I Currently have a Gem tech 9mm Suppressor I'm Currently Waiting on the Fed Bois to process my SWD M-11 Subgun and I have an itch for another NFA item down the Road just the normal AR shotgun or pistol just doesn't do it for me ever sense I got into NFA Guns. just not quite sure what to go for an SBS, SBR, maybe a Destructive device? wouldn't go for a Grenade that's QUITE LITERALLY turning money into noise....and Shrapnel. but a 20mm with robocop quotes is more my speed or another Suppressor perhaps? this is for down the road Christmas kind of wiped me out but just looking into the future and ensuring I do my homework to make sure I don't just like what I get but I LOVE what I get if I'm going through hoops. open to opinions and advice.
  7. Are SBR's Still worth it

    Agreed thinking about an AR-15 11.5 but gotta get other shit straightened out before filing the paperwork (behind on a Bill or 2)
  8. Honestly thinking about getting an SBR. However not sure if it's Worth the Hassle with Braces being so Available and Honestly I've seen videos on pros and cons on both Routes and i'd like some Differing opinions on the subject.
  9. Good sight for Machine gun

    yeah i can imagine it getting hot quickly but i'm thinking the bi pod i'm wanting will help significantly with that and a good choice i'll look into it
  10. Good sight for Machine gun

    MBUS Sights are Great but in my opinion they are Back up sights but i get that i should know where it's hitting with irons before moving on to optics
  11. i'm Getting a SWD M11 and i have the full intention of getting the 5.56 upper Now my plan is to get myself a bi pod a few 100 round drums and basically use it like a Light Machine gun and looking for what would be a good fit
  12. First MG Purchase

    Hay man I'm new to Machine guns too and i am actually waiting on my SWD M11 and it IS the way to go because of LAGE and it's a Great thing to have and i'm looking fward to getting mine
  13. What where you doing today in 1986?

    i was Born in 1991 so.......
  14. Welp it's DONE i just bought a MAC 11 with a .380 upper/Bolt 9mm upper/Bolt and a LAGE MK2 upper with a AR-15 buffer tube and Magpul CTR Butt stock and a 3 lug barrel Ready for a supressor 10 Magazines both Sten and Mac and a super nice carrying bag for 10K how'd i do?
  15. Thank you EVERYONE for the Advice and i'm seeing a lot of Solid suggestions and i'm actually headed to the SOT in a Few hours to get Rolling on a MAC 11 and i'm planning on having it enjoying the SHIT out of it and while enjoying it Save my money Save some and after Saving Save just a touch more after that then Sell the MAC and grab my Dream an M-16 and you can bet i'm gonna Deck it out with all the cool stuff (because who keeps a REAL one Stock?) it's gonna HURT knowing all that money is gonna Vanish but i'm gonna be happy as fuck knowing that i can have a Real Deal MG and i'm not even 30 yet (28)