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  1. solid point concerning the new Uppers which Really adds Value to the M11 (and making it more expensive)
  2. that absolutely sounds like a good idea and honestly the only Truly consistent thing about MG's is the cost of ammo and when i finally get one i'm actually thinking about having an arrangement where if you want to shoot my gun you pay half the ammo cost or something where they don't just start mag dumping whole boxes of ammo and not helping at all i'll absolutely look into that for the experience and honestly for the fun and maybe talk to someone who maybe interested in selling when the time is right
  3. Yeah the M10 is Available and i could put down the money and start the process right now and the uppers make it MUCH more attractive i Really get where both of you are coming from honestly the difficult part of all this is the self discipline and not spending money on stupid shit and that literally Every machine gun has pros and cons Macs have affordability and new uppers making them more modern and controllable and while Stens/Reisings are super doable for what they are but costly parts kits and iffy mags are issues while on the other side of it AK's M16's and MP5's are Modern and are still widely in use by LEO armed forces around the world have cheap SUPER Reliable mags and Toms of aftermarket parts readily available the Price is STEEP for these ranging from what i've seen 15-22K thanks for the advice the more i think about it the more i think the longer i am patient and save the more options i will have
  4. Well i have a good job, Not SUPER NUTS money but enough where i can actually save a good bit and really do this, Been saving for months i have $8,000 saved at the moment BUT with the M16 the sky is actually the limit with customization. The possibility of buying a HK416 upper and making it functionally a Civilian owned 416 (my dreams come true) or like you said almost ANY other Caliber and the only part i can't replace is the part that literally is under 0 pressure and no Real risk of breaking so...looks like i'll have to grit my teeth and keep saving until l get to the number i need. Thanks for the advice
  5. Form 3 eForm is great!

    That's shitty of them, But it didn't stop me and Won't stop me. If i want's it i'm gonna get it
  6. Form 3 eForm is great!

    Wait you put in the paperwork the prints and pic on a Monday and got it back on a Wednesday?!?!?!....Well okay then noted for next time i get an NFA item.
  7. Hi i'm not TOTALLY new to getting NFA items i have a 9mm suppressor but i want to get into the fun switch and i actually have enough saved for a MAC, a Sten or a Reising 50 but i kinda want to wait longer and get something a bit bigger like maybe an AK variant or wait longer and go after an M16a1 or MP5 would like some advice from people who have owned Machine guns is it worth it to go big or is the MAC good enough? like i said just looking for some advice based on experience