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  1. RARE: Colt M16A1 Hbar $26000

    Still for sale.
  2. RARE: Colt M16A1 Hbar $26000

    Charlie, Unfortunately, the individual that we received the machine-gun from says that he is not able to locate the bipod at this time.
  3. RARE: Colt M16A1 Hbar $26000

    To the top
  4. Listed for sale is a limited production Colt M16A1 HBAR Model 621. The rifle is in great condition as shown in photos. Most of its life has been spent in the back of a safe collecting dust. Currently on a form 4 in Arizona and awaiting transfer to your dealer. If in the Phoenix Arizona area feel free to come inspect the firearm. Price is $26000 firm. No trades at this time. Please comment here that you messaged me (notification purposes) then send DM with questions. Thanks, Nick.
  5. WTB Swiss Sig 553 Pistol

    Looking to purchase a Swiss (M+M or Sig import) Sig 553 PISTOL. Preferably with the diopter sights. Please be reasonable on price and let me know what you have. Thank you, Nick From GunnuG
  6. Anything still available?