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  1. Johnson lmg parts kit

    Mike, that's quite the pleasant surprise. I need to go back and see what exactly is all there. I think the barrel is in good shape but need to go look again. How can I tell if the bipod is a repro and how much do you think an original one is worth? Is gunbroker a good place to try and sell something like this? Regardless, I take a bunch of pics and post them here for posterity!
  2. Johnson lmg parts kit

    A friend of mine passed away and I've been helping his daughter clean out all his gun stuff. He'd been collecting for 40years and lots of stuff has accumulated over the years. One of the items he had was a 1941 Johnson lmg parts kit that had been built into a dummy gun. From what I can tell, all the parts are complete and there appears to be some random tid bits which I believe are for the Johnson. Overall, the kit is in good condition for its age and the only thing missing is a chunk of the receiver that was chopped off when they demilled it. I've searched high and low and can't figure out what something like this is worth and how to sell it besides throwing it in gun broker. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.