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  1. WTB: HK 21 (host)

  2. WTB: HK 21 (host)

    Still looking, Vollmer, Dyer, Tsc host. Might also be entertain 21k?
  3. WTB: HK 21 (host)

  4. WTB: HK 21 (host)

    Still looking.
  5. WTB: HK 21 (host)

    Hi to all the good people on Sturm! I don't suppose anyone has a hk21 (host) they're thinking of getting rid of? I'd sure appreciate some help.
  6. M16A2 question

  7. Reduced to $3300.00 shipped to lower 48
  8. Darwin, I'm REALLY confused by your response...... All I did was "revise" this post to say I will pay for shipping to whom ever buys it.
  9. BTT, will pay shipping....
  10. Trip/Cocking piece found.
  11. Hi Darwin, I am not much of a hand gun guy.... I appreciate your offer as I know those are really nice and seem to be some what of a collectable, but I'd rather just sell the kit out right. Thanks, Matt
  12. Hi to all, I have a brand NEW Steyr Aug 9mm kit that I no longer need (didn't need 2) Anyways, RARE and hard to come by at anytime, especially brand NEW! $3500.00. I am looking for a "spare 9mm FA trip that I'll be more than happy to buy or discount the price of this. Thanks for your time, Matt
  13. Hi to all, I have a new to like new Austrian 24" LMG Bipod. I've had 2 of them for EVER, I remember when I bought 1 of them.... I was told at the time, the guy I bought it from said it might have been shot as his father always wanted to "try" it but he don't think he ever did. I can't tell which one it was, I mean it was a long time ago and BOTH my barrels look brand new. $3500.00 plus shipping, RARE barrel as everyone knows and getting harder and harder to find new. I might consider "partial" trade for a 9mm Aug barrel.