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  1. LOL, I love a person with a sense of humor!! I truly wish I would've had the sling.... Have a good weekend yourself!
  2. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Last of the price reductions... Thanks!
  3. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Price reduction on the 3 out of 4 remaining...
  4. I'll take it, please email me your address and let me know whom to make the check to. Thanks, Matt
  5. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Ps90 available again for sale as the original buyer wouldn't provide an FFL for me to ship to....
  6. ALL accessories are factory.

    Check is fine Mike

    $100.00 shipped Mike
  9. Hi to all, all Mags and Accessories are NEW and OEM! 50rd 9mm Spectre mags 4 available $200.00 each SOLD 50rd .223 Galil mags 6 available $100.00 each SOLD Galil .223 bfa with mag $125.00 Sterling Scope mount $200.00 Fnc bayonet and scabbard $150.00 SOLD Fn 50.63 bayonet and scabbard $150.00 Fnc M7 scabbard and bayonet lug $150.00 SOLD Fnc scope mount $250.00 SOLD Fnc Bfa $75.00 SOLD Fnc carbon scraper $50.00 SOLD IMI in original Action Arms IMI white boxes 32rd Uzi mags 6 available $75 each

    I have a brand new SUB barrel for your mini. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a picture.
  11. Rare pre89 Semi's

    Price reduction on the Valmet and Beretta
  12. Rare pre89 Semi's

    HK 91- Sold K1A1- Sold Galil .223- Sold Galil .308- Sold HK 93- Sold 50.63- Sold Mini Uzi- Sold Spectre- Sold Mac- Sold Valmet- Sold Ps90- Sold Micro Uzi- Sold Uzi A- Sold Beretta- Sold Sap- Sold Steyr Spp- Sold
  13. ALL guns are NIB and boxes are about perfect! FN 50.63 plus 10 mags $6000 SOLD Daewoo K1A1 plus 2 mags $2000 SOLD HK 91a3 plus 6 mags $3000 SOLD HK 93a3 plus 6 mags $3500 SOLD Valmet 76 (.308 milled tube folder) plus 5 20rd and 2 5rd mags $6500 SOLD Beretta AR70 (Factory wire folder 1 of 2 in the US) plus 6 mags $7500.00 SOLD IMI Galil ARM (16" .223) plus 6 mags $4000 SOLD IMI Galil ARM (18" .308) plus 6 mags $4000 SOLD IMI Mini Uzi plus 6 mags $3000 SOLD IMI Uzi A plus 6 mags and original bayonet & scabbard, and NIB original IMI sight tool $2500 SOLD IMI Micro Uzi plus 4 mags $2000 SOLD Ingram Mac10 9mm (Open bolt) with sliding wire stock plus 6 mags (Original Cobray mags) $2000 SOLD Spectre 9mm with top folding stock and front k-grip plus 6 mags $3000 SOLD Steyr Spp with 6 mags and factory scope mount $1500 SOLD SAP with 2 mags (Australian Automatic Arms .223 pistol, only 660 made it in the US before the 89 ban) SOLD PS90 (1st Gen) with 5 50rd mags $2000 (It also has the fake Gemtech suppressor) SOLD
  14. Looking for a Fleming or Qualified transferable Aug trigger pack. Already have "host" gun. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Matt