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  1. Shotgun fix

    Hkg3k, I clicked on the link you sent and hit the "buy now" key. Thank you very much for your input and fix to my problem! I looked at that and said to myself, why the hell didn't I think of that.... I mean that's a PERFECT solution. Thanks again! Bob, I think it is YOUR fault on the C3's... I mean, it is! But, with that being said.....I wouldn't change it for the world! My wife is appreciative as well, she would ONLY be mad at you if I were buying them "today" like I was back in the day... She'd more than likely put a stop to that real fast! Thank you for the kind words Bob....
  2. Shotgun fix

    My Buddy Bob, how are you? Yes this place is full of knowledgeable and very nice people.
  3. Shotgun fix

    Thanks for the info, I will check tonight when I get home. I'm pretty sure it's the detent ball on the barrel itself.
  4. Shotgun fix

    Hi to all, I am in need if a shotgun repair. On a Remington 870 Wingmaster or similar, as you tighten the barrel nut, there's a "BB" that holds the nut when tight. On my daughter's the "BB" isn't there anymore???? She has to constantly keep checking the tightness of the barrel nut. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Matt
  5. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    That's exactly what he said he wanted to do.... Semi auto's registered like NFA's.
  6. 2--NIB Saiga 12 shotguns

    Just talked to RL via cell phone, he just got hit with 17" of snow and has NO power but wanted me to post to say, the Saigas are yours 67ray. He will get in touch with you as soon as his power is restored.
  7. Hi to all, just as it was shipped out of Austria in 2009. All brand new, even the original box is in good shape. $650.00 shipped. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Thanks, Matt
  8. Mike was a good man, I'll truly miss our conversations. I knew when he didn't answer the phone over the last week it wasn't good. I still smile when I remember the last time I talked to him about our Steyr Augs, I said something about a receiver I saw on GB and said, that looks cool... He said, "Matt you don't want that" LOL! He knew what I was thinking and I started laughing, he said "you know you don't" I'll miss you Mike!! RL in Maine does not have internet access, we were talking on the phone earlier in the week about not hearing from Mike, I know he tried to call him a couple times as well. Last night when he heard of the news, he was devastated! I know he'll post when he has internet, but until then.....They go back ALONG way
  9. The last of my misc NEW original Hk accessories, $100.00 for BOTH shipped to lower 48. Thank, Matt
  10. Taking care of our own

    I talked to Mike the past 2 days on the phone and his spirits are good. He's still giving me advice even today when I asked him a receiver question about an Aug. He says "Matt you don't want that thing it won't work as a good spare" He's a book full of knowledge and he's still keeping me in line....
  11. WTS: Steyr Aug (Pre89 NIB)

    Sold pending funds
  12. WTS: Steyr Aug (Pre89 NIB)

    I tried calling and I left you my number in a PM. But to make it "official" 419-466-5158 Please let me know what your intentions are...........
  13. Pre89 black Steyr Aug just as it left Gun South Inc. 906 series Aug, only test fired at factory. Never dis-assembled, racked, barrel removed, NOTHING! It is BRAND NEW. All the factory original contents are in the box, test target, manual, sling, cleaning kit, 5 black bottom 30rd mags and the box is still in pristine condition. Only 1500 16" black Aug's were imported from Austria prior to the 1989 ban, RARE opportunity... As I have NEVER seen another for sale that's actually NIB $5000.00, I'll cover air shipping & insurance to lower 48.
  14. Hi to all, I'm looking for a new/like new Beta mag for the Aug. Any help would be appreciated! Possibly interested in a 24" Austria barrel too. Thanks for the help!