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  1. Hi to all, I'm looking for a new/like new Beta mag for the Aug. Any help would be appreciated! Possibly interested in a 24" Austria barrel too. Thanks for the help!
  2. This is why I do most of my business on Sturm...

    I talked to Pete this morning on the phone for a bit... He wanted me to tell anyone that's asking, that he is doing fine. He's been unable to get any parts from Steyr as they're not making any right now. He has had ALOT of stuff on order from them for QUITE a few months and they will not answer him as to when or if they're going to make any more parts to even send him.. As far as anyone else that works on Aug's, I can't answer that... I personally would ONLY send my stuff to Pete.
  3. This is why I do most of my business on Sturm...

    I 3rd that motion about Mike Todd being a GREAT guy! I was finally getting around to sending my Aug stuff off to Pete to have him set it up for both 9mm and .223. I was missing the full auto trip for the 9mm carrier and Pete did NOT have any and he didn't think he was going to EVER get anymore in? Mike said, "no problem Matt, I'll just send Pete a whole NEW complete bolt and carrier with the trip he needs." Mike had absolutely nothing to gain for helping basically a total stranger in Toledo Ohio, me..... The world could definitely use more Mike Todd's. Not because he offered to do it, not because he did it with nothing to gain, But because he's a man of his word and a stand up guy!
  4. Anodizing services needed

    McNichols Polishing and anodizing in Redford MI have always done AWESOME work. We've used them on and off for 30 plus years and they're work has always been the same!
  5. Giving a mg to a sot for repair

    I always use Fed Ex next day air and insure it for what it's worth. If they "lose it" they WILL pay the claim as they've done so here with work stuff they've lost. I hate to think of them losing one of my MG's.... but I've seen them lose more things than you think. I've even seen it happen with UPS as well.... My point is, Fed-Ex will pay the claim. I'm not sure how "easy" it would be to get USPS to honor the claim if they lost an MG and we ALL know the "lost in the mail" deal with USPS. (lol) For what it's worth....
  6. Giving a mg to a sot for repair

    Thumpy, I sent my Aug to Pete, I typed a letter stating "sent to Pete Athens for work and or repair" and dated it. I made a copy and put one in the box and kept one. That's all I believe you are required to do. Shows proof where and whom has it and for what reason it's out of your possession....
  7. I don't know how I have an "extra" original Sig 550/551 preban box. It is actually for a Sig 551... Only 21 in the country, you would think this box would be important to whom ever is missing it?? $100.00 shipped to lower 48. The inside is just as nice as the outside!
  8. last reduction in pricing...
  9. Reasonable offers on the stuff excepted, as I don't need the stuff anymore and am tired of it laying around... Thanks
  10. Sterling mount SPF Hk Bipod SPF
  11. Hi to all, here are the last of the NEW accessories I have for the guns that sold. 1- Galil BFA and mag (Hebrew marked) $75.00 shipped Sold 1- 25rd Famas mag (marked 01.89.MAS) $50.00 shipped Sold 1- Sterling scope mount for mk4, mk6, mk7 $150.00 shipped (RARE) Sold 1- Hk 91/93 all steel bipod (steel feet) $100.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk mp5 "K" stock (unmarked) I would assume Choate, as they make ALL of them anyways.... $100.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk "K" grip for mp5-k, comes with the extension piece to fit on an Hk94 if you wanted? $50.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk 93-53-33 mag clamp $50.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk 94-sp89-mp5 mag clamp $50.00 shipped Sold 1- Hk 94 Original Barrel shroud grip unopened $35.00 shipped
  12. Current Hk 53 price

    I'm going to say $6500-$7500 my friend
  13. Hi to all, I'm looking for a 9mm kit NIB or like NIB for my Steyr Aug. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  14. WTB: HK G8 50rd drum

    Hi here, looking for an original 50rd drum in NEW condition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  15. Hi there, I'm looking for a new to like new complete 14" Aug barrel reasonably priced. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Matt