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  1. M11/9 NIB for Sale

    Oops forgot that little bit.. Its on F3 in WI
  2. M11/9 NIB for Sale

    New in the box SWD M11/9 for sale. Complete as factory new. $8500.00 firm.
  3. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    The tube is a new one I made myself. I decided not to reweld for various reasons. Mostly the obvious ones.
  4. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    It rained most of the day so I didn't really get a chance to use it. Lotys of cleaning to do for very little shooting. Last time I used it having lots of trouble with the drum magazine. Fortunately another shooter there has lots of experience with all things German and and gave me an armorer's clinic about it!
  5. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    I made the expelling charges and the tube. The "rockets" are surplus. For the propellant, I used Goex Cannon grade and followed the original construction design. Sorry about MO's laws this the funnest thing I've done in years. Oh, and 60 mm mortar too!
  6. Managed to test fire my RPG-2 last Saturday. Very pleased with the results. First round was from a test stand and triggered with a long lanyard. Second round was shoulder fired and may still be circling the earth,lol. It disappeared over the top of some tall trees which were 300 yds away while still on a flat trajectory!. Amazing thing about it is I felt absolutely nothing except for smoke fore and aft. Truly recoiless! Rifle is on a Form1 and classed as a DD.
  7. WTB- ANM2 parts kit

    Looking to buy an ANM2 complete parts set. Have C&R receiver by GM and would like to restore into a working ammo eater. Prefer 30.06/.308.
  8. Test- WTB ANM2 parts kit wanted 34

    Looking to buy an ANM2 complete parts set. Have C&R receiver by GM and would like to finish into a working ammo eater. Prefer 30.06/.308.
  9. Looking for a complete parts set for a US Browning ANM2 aircraft gun. I know, few and far between but a couple escaped me at the last Creek from what I've been told. Send me a pm please
  10. barrel and barrel nut $185.00, Bolt complete with recoil rods and springs 175.00 WW2 era mags, in waxed wrapping 40 ea. Other era's available also new in appropriate marked original packaging wire stock 45.00
  11. 1928A1 Thompson Receiver 80%

    still available. pm'd you
  12. Swedish K coffin mags

    Item is also cross listed at an auction site.
  13. Here a a Philadelphia Ordnance 80% 1928A1 receiver. It is engraved on both sides., less patent numbers. not sure if this model had the patent numbers listed. Needs finish machining and a parts kit to match. $ 500.00 plus shipping.
  14. I have 5 hi cap coffin type magazines for the Swedish K for sale. $ 125.00 each. 1 loader is also available for 50.00. Loader sold only with magazine.