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  1. WTS Daewoo Rifle Parts

    That would be great! Put me down for a for sure purchase when you have them. This is encouraging, I was getting a little worried that this awesome gun might never get to see the light of day again. Thanks.
  2. WTS Daewoo Rifle Parts

    Will do, thanks, however I don’t see an email address.
  3. WTS Daewoo Rifle Parts

    Looks like I can get just about everything but the grip (I’ll try the AR grip solution), the charging handle (I’ll keep an eye on cncmachine.com for a new run), the flash hider (which was mainly to fix a stupid thing-and to count as a 922r part), and the recoil spring assembly. The spring assembly will be the real problem I think, I’ve been looking unsuccessfully for a while. Unfortunately my rifle was in pieces when I moved and the box containing my stock, handle, and spring assembly was lost (along with a bunch of mags and around a thousand rounds of ammo). I can make do on everything else but it just won’t run without that spring assembly. I have a really cool, very expensive paper-weight now. Thank you for the information and the time you’ve taken to help me out.
  4. WTS Daewoo Rifle Parts

    Wow! That was a quick response, thank you. The parts I need are: Recoil Spring Assembly (full) Charging handle (oversized) Pistol Grip (preferably original style, but would be happy with any) Stock (Lage, preferably 8.5”. Open to any size if selection is limited) Stock Adapter Flash Hider Of course all 922r compliant versions if available. Ultimately I’d also like a scope rail and may need another internal part or two just for compliance depending on what you have. Thanks again, I appreciate anything you can do.
  5. WTS Daewoo Rifle Parts

    Any progress on selling that inventory? I’m hoping someone has or will acquire it soon and begins selling it as I am desperately trying to get some parts for a DR200. Any info would be greatly appreciated.