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  1. WTS Colt M16

    Shrike sold.
  2. WTS Colt M16

    Shrike is sold Also have NIB Ares Shrike for the M16, with bag of links. Get both $31,000 shipped. Eform for the Form 3 transfer. Includes shipping.
  3. WTS Colt M16

    Very nice Colt M16. $29,000 shipped, Form 3 to your SOT
  4. WTS:: M3A1 Grease Gun

    WTS: Medea M3A1 Grease Gun Fine shooting, quite rare, cal .45 piece. Very controllable rate of fire, excellent for close quarter action, or to fill that empty gun rack in your tank. Telescoping wire butt stock. Flash hider included. $21,000 + s/h, transfers tax-exempt Form 3 to your licensee/SOT or tax-paid Form 4 to non-prohibited individual in state of Arkansas (fully transferrable) Comes with three mags and GI canvas mag pouch.

    STEn is SOLD. Thanks for your interest.
  6. WTS: Fleming sear in SEF pack

    Sear is SPF, thanks...
  7. Fleming sear in SEF pack Form 3 to your FFL/SOT or Form 4 to Arkansas individual, fully transferable. $30k shipped, can EFile
  8. WTS: Sten MKII $7000

    STEn MKII Catco Fully transferable Catco STEn MKII, with several mags Form 3 to FFL/SOT, Form 4 to Arkansas buyer $7,000
  9. Looking for a magazine loader tool for MPi-69/MPi-81 mag loader tool. This tool has the side hole.
  10. WTS: HK Fleming sear in pack

    Yes, I have replied with photos.
  11. Thanks for the responses. Magazines located.
  12. WTS: HK Fleming sear in pack

    Excellent Condition Fleming HK Machine Gun Auto Sear in 3 Position ambidextrous trigger housing Form 3 to FFL/SOT $32,000 Email for photos. Buyer pays insured shipping by USPS Registered.
  13. WTS: STEn MKII

    STEn MKII Catco Transferable Catco STEn MKII With 10 mags Form 3 to FFL/SOT $6,600 Buyer pays insured shipping by USPS Registered. Many others available, rare, esoteric, machine pistols, suppressors, belt feds, DD, posties, transferable, pre-May
  14. Now my turn. Wanted to buy an original Walther MPL/MPK magazine. No modified originals, please. PM with price and availability. Also need Steyr MPi-69 magazine. Thanks! keith
  15. WTB/WTT mini gun parts, machine pistols

    Have a Hard Times Armory miniature Sterling open bolt, transferable, cal .22 Have German MP5 postie, and a couple of other machine pistols, transferable. Need a Walther MPK mag.