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  1. WTB M11 .380 Receiver

    Greetings gents, Im looking to purchase an M11 receiver in .380 for my build. Im an SOT. Thanks M .
  2. WTB Thompson Receiver Finished

    Greetings, Im looking for a Thompson M1A1 1928 Receiver that has been finished. I have a parts kit and want to assemble without having to machine a block of iron. Thanks You can contact me through private message or google Palm Beach Tactical and call the shop
  3. 1928A1 Thompson Receiver 80%

    Good morning, Is this still available PM SENT
  4. WTB M1A1 Thompson Parts Kit

    Greetings, My name is Manuel Gomez. Im the owner of Palm Beach Tactical. I would like to purchase a M1A1 Thompson parts kit. Please visit our Instagram @palmbeachtactical or in order to contact me. Thank you in advance Manuel