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  1. WTS Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (only one left)

    Open reply to johnsonLMG41 Indeed. No where does it say anything about putting that registered part into a different gun without alteration of the host gun. MGA is the mfr. so technically it's theirs, whether or not they use FN parts I can't actually say since in requesting info from them a while back they won't really respond to much of anything. And since they wouldn't acknowledge using quality parts from other places I suspected the quality was dubious as well as other aspects of their business so I had put off ordering. I know most types of these things get the heavy handed slap down and aren't necessarily illegal or not permitted, they just seem to go away without much discussion for a variety of reasons and the problems seem to solve themselves. Let me get this straight. You didn't get the answer you wanted or they did't answer the phone or answer your email. What question(s) did you ask? Are you mad because you don't have the money so you make the statement "And since they wouldn't acknowledge using quality parts from other places I suspected the quality was dubious as well as other aspects of their business" Nice one sided story. Thank you so much for sharing your suspicion. I, on the other hand dropped the 10k and bought the Mk46 and have had no problems what so ever with it, Okay one problem. I have placed a full auto pack into my gun with the Mk4 op-group from MGA and fired the gun in full auto. I don't know the legalities but johnsonLMG41 the quality is just fine. The one failure I did have was due to a "quality" FN bolt that broke, which MGA replaced with one of theirs and it is now working just fine. For those of you who don't have 30k, or what ever a trigger pack with a sear costs, Franklin Armory is working on a binary trigger pack that "drops into the H&K trigger box and then goes into the MGA trigger housing. It fires a little faster than semi-auto single release. It is possible to overrun the trigger because the hammer releases prematurely, However, with a steady pull fire release fire it is possible to shoot many targets in short order. It is not as fast as a machine gun but with all the money I save on ammo I'll have enough to buy another Mk46 with Franklin Armory binary trigger and then with two of us shooting it will be closer to speed of a machine gun. And johnsonLMG41 just because I have never talked to you does not make me suspect you are not a quality person. I don't know you so I'll just say nothing one way or the other. If you have a specific beef with MGA, that's one thing, but you just sound angry and are taking It out a easy target. BTW the sentence is grammatically more accurate if you say just "I put off ordering" leave the had out.
  2. m249 Para Barrel (new)

    Do you have 200 or so para barrels sitting around in surplus stock that needs a new owner? I have some of what I need but need spares for completeness. I might consider longer barrel if you have those. Message Phone (801) 738-3590, leave message with contact information, quantity, asking price, general location, & when I can return your call.