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  1. Colt M16A2 with extras

  2. Colt M16A2 with extras

    The currently installed Geissele? Or the original Colt trigger group?
  3. Colt M16A2 with extras

    If you want the rifle in original Colt configuration, $34000.00
  4. Colt M16A2 with extras

    Sorry, I cut that off... $34,995.00
  5. Colt M16A2 with extras

    Perfect condition Colt M16A2. Currently has an LWRC M6ICA5 upper on it and a Geissele trigger and Magpul grip and stock. Also a Knights Armament QD suppressor flashhider. All included. All the original Colt parts, marked with the Colt C are included as well (upper, BCG, trigger, stock etc). Lower marked safe, semi, burst but has full auto trigger group installed. Beautiful collectors piece that was perfectly maintained, no scratches at all. Multiple mags included. This is an NFA item and all applicable laws apply. Bank transfer or bank check for payment. I’ll split transfer fees. Buyer pays shipping. $34,995.00
  6. Test

  7. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    Sold. Thanks
  8. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    Wags, you are right on... "Smith Enterprise, Inc. built a "few more than 176" NFA transferrable select fire M-14 rifles before May 1986. These were billet machined receivers. Springfield Armory, Inc. made 125 NFA transferrable select fire M1A rifles before May 1986 wth investment cast receivers. These ~ 301 rifles are the only factory built commercial manufacture select fire M14 type rifles ever made.
  9. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    I appreciate the info. I know SEI fully inspected it for defects when they had it. I'm sure they would have told me about any issues. Good info to know. I wasn't aware they made so few of these.
  10. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    Yes in Indy
  11. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    It was fully inspected by SEI and if it had any structural issues I would have been advised
  12. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    Not a reweld. Springfield Armory listed on the Form 4. Rifle put in modern mil condition by SEI who does the same builds for mil, so it has historical accuracy and value. I don't have x-rays of this weapon.
  13. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    Still available. Make an offer. $17,000 for full package. If you just want the rifle without the accessories let me know we can work out pricing.
  14. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    I'm back in town. Still available.
  15. WTS Springfield Armory M14 M1a

    I'm in FL on a Hurricane Irma deployment and now in stand-by to head to VI or PR for Hurricane Maria. I say that because I have sketchy cell coverage. Bare with me and I'll happily respond as soon as possible. I'm also at Victor359@aol.com is that helps speed up comms. I'm not putting my direct email on here to bypass Sturm in any way, just easier to get direct email than get online in the current status. Thanks!!