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  1. WTB Mac 10

    cash in hand!
  2. WTB Mac 10

    Im looking to buy a Mac 10 please let me know what you have, location and price. mostly looking for an original mac or rpb mac 10. not super interested in a bunch of extras just mainly the gun!
  3. i would like to buy something local to Michigan, im looking for anything around the 5-6200 ish price range, dewats stens mac etc.
  4. WTB transferable sten

  5. WTB transferable sten

    bump still looking
  6. WTB transferable sten

    im looking to buy a transferable sten, any condition im not picky. please let me know what you have and a price!
  7. im looking for a transferable sten mkII not looking for a safe queen. let me know what you have and a price.
  8. HI im looking to purchase a Registered DEWAT mp40, sten, thompson, uzi, ak47, ppsh41, etc. please message me if you have one and a price!